The Top Attractions Every Kid Should See on a Trip to London

Top Attractions For Kids In London

Children of all ages are guaranteed to find lots to enjoy during your next visit to London, from browsing some of the city’s most incredible museums, to exploring the great outdoors. Whatever you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it in the following top attractions…

British Museum

British Museum

This fascinating museum guides visitors through artefacts which range from the prehistoric era, right through to the modern day. During your stay at the M by Montcalm London City, be sure to take younger visitors here for a truly unforgettable journey through some of the most fascinating finds from all over the world.

Science Museum

science museum

The interactive, high-tech Science Museum is one of London’s most popular attractions for all ages, but has proven to be a particular hit with children thanks to its fun, interactive displays. The venue is great for helping kids understand complex scientific theories and history, as it uses a variety of captivating exhibits and experiences to bring science to life.

If you’re staying at the Montcalm London with younger visitors, it’s a good idea to visit later in the day as the Science Museum can get very busy in the morning. With late-night opening hours on selected dates, this is a wonderful opportunity to explore without navigating crowds.

London Transport Museum

London Transport Museum
Red London Double Decker Buses Lined Up outside the Transport Museum in London, England

Located in Covent Garden, the London Transport Museum is one of a kind. Telling the story of London’s transport system, kids will have the chance to enjoy a wealth of great interactive exhibits, as well as seeing over 80 historic vehicles up close. The venue has been designed especially to accommodate children, with the Interchange area providing lots to see and do while staying at the Montcalm Brewery.

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park

Whether your kids were old enough to see the 2012 London Olympics or not, they’ll certainly find lots to enjoy at the Olympic Park created to host the iconic sporting event. From exhibits to rides, great scenery and more, this is a top London pick for all ages to enjoy browsing. There’s plentiful green space in addition to the fun activities, so you can also pack a picnic during the warmer months to refuel after an action-packed morning.

V&A Museum of Childhood

Vistoria and Albert-V&A-museum in Kensington, London

The experience of being a child has evolved dramatically over the centuries, as this museum details through thousands of artefacts dating from the 1600s right up to the present day. You’ll find toys and games here, as well as clothing and rare objects which show how different childhood was for kids long ago. There are also plenty of temporary exhibitions and workshops available for older kids who want to get a little more hands-on with their learning.

Platform 9 ¾

Platform 9 3/4

If you’re travelling with a Harry Potter fan, then a trip to Kings Cross Station and the famous Platform 9 ¾ is an absolute must. There’s a Harry Potter memorabilia shop close by, or you can simply treat kids to a few photos at this iconic destination in the Harry Potter universe.