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It’s one thing giving yourself a relaxing break in London, it’s another thing looking after yourself in the city. There is so much in the way of good food, hypnotizing bars and late night temptations in London that it can be easy to feel strung out if you burn the midnight oil for too many nights in a row. London is a fast paced city, overcrowded and in some areas, bad for the lungs. That never takes away from the stunning beauty, excitement and potential of the city, but is something you need to keep a tab on when visiting. Regardless of your reasons for visiting the Montcalm hotel Shoreditch, there are a wide range of ways you can keep healthy and relaxed in London. It’s easier than you think, you just need to know where to look.

Use the in house gym

in house gym

Regardless of whether your using the Montcalm as a London Spa break or not, make sure you check out the stellar gym services and appliances in our hotel. Even if it’s just a quick half an hour spin on the treadmill, it’s well worth cramming in a little bit of fitness. The Montcalm also offers spa services which will no doubt ease the days stress away.

Eating healthy on the go

eating healthy on the go

It can be difficult to eat healthily when travelling. The quick fix temptations are everywhere, whether that be in fast food shops in airports or a processed sandwich from the high street supermarket. If you want to eat healthily whilst travelling, you have to be organised and think ahead. Try cooking soups and salads at home, bringing your food with you in tupperwares wherever possible. This will also save you money where you can save it the easiest. There are plenty of healthier food outlets which cater to the busy lifestyle, you just have to do your research.

Walk when possible


Central London is surprisingly walkable if you let it be. There are only a couple of miles between Covent Garden and Westminster, or Liverpool Street and Kings Cross. Walking the city streets will not only keep you active, but will help you see the cities hidden gems. That back alley night hold your new favourite cafe, or a beautiful piece of street art. If you’re in a rush but don’t fancy the heavy heat of the tube, then try using one of the rental bikes, such as Santander Cycles. These are not only nippy, but they save on energy and are incredibly cheap to use.

Explore London’s many parks

hyde park london

Want to get a breath of fresh air? London has a surprising amount of parks for you to take advantage of./ Whether it be the beautiful wildlife reserves of Richmond, where deer run through dramatic windswept meadows, or the rich forestry of Epping, a good hike, run or ramble is only a few tube stops away.

Digital detox\

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When hitting the hay at the Montcalm Shoreditch, why not give your eyes a rest from the screens for a little while? It has been proven that the brightness from computer and phone screens tricks our brain into thinking it is day time, and so our sleep patterns are dramatically affected. Try reading a book, or listening to a podcast before bedtime, giving your eyes, and your racing brain a rest from the digital overload of our screen filled world.