6 Clever Time Management Tips to Free Up More Leisure Time On Your Next London Business Trip

6 Clever Time Management Tips

Travelling for business needn’t all just be about work – there’s ample opportunity to explore London while visiting on a business trip too if you plan ahead and get organised. Here’s our top 6 time management tips to help you get the most from your leisure time no matter how big your to do list might be…

Assess your priorities

What are your main priorities during your leisure time in London? Working out the activities and sights you really want to see, and those you can probably do without, is essential for making the most of your sightseeing. In a city with so many options it’s all too easy to feel a little overwhelmed, and ultimately spoil your trip thanks to the sheer variety on offer to you. Instead of letting things spiral, list out the areas you can’t wait to visit and the things you dream of doing while you’re in London – and focus your time around making it all happen while you’re at the M by Montcalm.

Prepare for your adventures

Prepare for your adventures

Remember to pack adequate leisure clothes and any other items you need for exploring London while staying at Montcalm at the Brewery. The simple act of bringing non-work-related items will help you ensure at least some of your time is spent on fun activities.

Plot transport

Whether you’ll be navigating the London Underground, hopping on a London bus or taking a taxi – knowing how you’ll get where you’re going is essential for good travel time management. A top London pick for your visit is to plan ahead so you know exactly how long it will take to get from A-B and back again. Depending on your work schedule and location, you could easily enjoy a day which is both leisure and business.

Eliminate distractions

Eliminating Stopping or Reducing Distractions as a Concept

Lots of travel time can be lost in doing mundane tasks like checking e-mails or scrolling through your social media feed. There’s plenty of time for all that once you’re back home. Make the most of your time in a new city by switching off all but the most important channels. If your workplace might need to get in touch or you want to keep in contact with folks you know, then that’s of course understandable. But if you ever find yourself idly checking things on your laptop or watching TV when you could be enjoying your travels at The Montcalm London hotels, it’s time to get out and about once more!

Time block

Time block

The process of blocking out time for work and time for play is an essential tool used by some of the most productive people. It’s a fantastic way of making sure you enjoy your trip, without neglecting the core reason for being in London.

Decide your deadlines

Give yourself set deadlines for when a particular project will be completed. This helps take the pressure off when you’re working, and will prevent you from going stir crazy or thinking about your next travel adventure when you need to be focusing on other things.