Walking Tours Of London You Have To Try


London’s near-two thousand year history is one of the most fascinating aspects of the tourist industry. Under every paving stone, behind shop fronts and even within the flowerbeds of royal parks, hundreds of years of history and legends reverberate through the streets of London. One of the best ways that guests of the Montcalm Hotel can learn more about the city’s kaleidoscopic history is through its tours.

You name it, London has it. The city is famed for its many walking tours, and whatever borough you’re visiting that day, you’ll probably see a booming voiced local herding tourists along seemingly innocuous streets. From art tours to historic walks, these are the best walking tours you’ll find in London this year.

Jack The Ripper Walking Tour 

Technically there are a few dozen Jack The Ripper tours that take visitors round the Victorian serial killers stalking grounds in Whitechapel and Bethnal Green. Whilst many are well presented, one takes the biscuit – The Rippervision Tour – which uses projector images and multimedia to bring Victorian London to life. Guests of the Montcalm at the Brewery needn’t travel far to find the nightly tours, starting just a two minute walk from the Whitechapel Gallery. 

Tower of London Tour 

Though the tour of the Tower of London is technically part of the ticket admission for entry into the wider Tower, the Yeoman Warder tour of the historic former armoury, prison and exotic animal menagerie is well worth the price alone. Taking just an an hour of your visit to the tower, the tour provides rich background history into key sites and buildings within the tower. The tour itself is led by active royal guards, many of whom live on the premises with their families and so have amassed a great deal of insight into the tower. 

Shoreditch Street Art Tour 

Takign place on most weekends of the year, the Shoreditch Street Art Tour capitalises on the many famous artists who have market the East End with their works. From European globe trotters to local legends, the area is renowned for its walls hosting the likes of Banksy and French street artist Invader. Starting at Old Spitalfields Market and spanning the side streets of Shoreditch, this one of a kind tour will make you think twice when passing a piece of graffiti. 

Ghosts Tour of London Bridge 

Tourists enjoying spa breaks in London looking for something even more chilling than a hydroteherapy contrast bath should look no further than the Ghost of London Bridge Tour. The “Ghastly Ghost Tour” takes guests around the historic London Bridge, Borough Market and St Paul’s Cathedral, with expert guides telling chilling tales of the apparitions stalking the London streets. Even if you don;t believe in ghosts, this is a new lens through which to explore some of London’s most famous landmarks. 

City Churches Tour 

London is well-renowned for its array of historic churches. As the beating heart of the Church fo England sect of Christianity, the City of London’s collection of churches dates back hundreds of years. You don’t have to be Christian to appreciate the architecture of these historic institutions though, many of the best churches in London were designed by the likes of Sir Christiopher Wren and Nicholas Hawksmoor, renowned for their striking designs. Setting off from Canon Street every Friday, the City Churches Tour is a feast for the eyes, and provides unique insight from architectural historians on the development of the City of London’s more than 50 historic churches. 

Coronation Weekend Tours

On May 6th, King Charles III will be officially crowned King of England, though he has been acting as King since last September. Voer this weekend, there’ll be many events taking place across the city for you to celebrate in true London fashion. One such series of events is the Coronation Walking Tours led by London Guided Walks. This 90 minute tour is led by an expert on the royal family and the Borough of Westminster, offering insight into some of the city’s royal affiliated landmarks. This oen goes down very nicely with a traditional post-tour refreshment in the form of English Afternoon Tea, available at the Montcalm Restaurant.

Doctor Who Walking Tour 

The Doctor Who Walking Tour  is definitely one for superfans of the BBC franchise, and in its 50th anniversary since first being televised, why not add a little time travel to your London tourism? The Doctor Who Walking Tour takes two and a half hours and explores many of the filming locations of both early and contemporary episodes of the series.

Paddington Bear Walking Tour 

If it’s something a little more cuddly you’re after, the Paddington Bear Walking Tour is a one of a kind journey into the world of Paddington Bear. though he dates back to the 1950s, Michael Bonds creation was made popular once again by the Hugh Bonneville-starring films, and offers visitors a chance to step into the shoes of the Peruvian bear. You’ll hear stories from the sets, learn about the history of Michael Bond’s inspiration and explore much of the beautiful Notting Hill area. 

Historic Pub Walking Tours 

The City of London might be famous for its churches, as we’ve mentioned above, but it is also famous for its vast array of historic pubs. The traditional public houses you’ll visit on this pub crawl-cum-history lesson include Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese and pubs frequented by the likes of Samuel Pepys and Charles Dickens. What better way to wet your whistle in London than by learning about the history of its vibrant public house scene?