Where to watch this season’s blockbusters in London


A trip to the cinema has been a go-to night out for friends and loved ones for decades. If you’re a movie lover heading to London you’re in luck. The city has some of the biggest and best picture houses in the world.

Amongst all of the amazing attractions near the Brewery Hotel Chiswell Street, you’ll find a range of modern and classic cinemas. From cutting-edge complexes to alternative indie picture houses, here are the best places to watch all of your favourite flicks while staying at the Montcalm Hotel.

Screen on the Green

Upper St, London 

Nestled in the heart of Islington Green, this picturesque cinema is one of the oldest in London and is a go-to place for those looking to escape the crowds of tourists that often flock to the larger cinemas complexes. As you stroll up to the front, you’ll be bathed in the light of the vintage neon signage. The authentic style continues throughout, with traditional fixtures and a cosy single screen viewing room with some of the comfiest seats in the city.

Greenwich Picturehouse

Greenwich High Road, London

If you like all of the modern features that you find at the big cinemas but you aren’t a fan of sticky floors and loud tourists, this particular picture house is the perfect medium. Whether you’re hoping to catch this year’s biggest releases or you want to check out an indie title, the listings at Greenwich Picturehouse offer something for everyone. The complex also has a bar and two separate restaurants, making it a great place for a date or night out.

Picturehouse Central

Shaftesbury Avenue, London

Take a trip to the magical West End and park yourself in one of the luxurious seats at Picturehouse Central to enjoy an evening of cinematic pleasure. This four-floored cinema complex is a far cry from the tourist traps that can be found on London high streets. As you walk in, you’ll feel as though you’ve been transported back to the golden age of cinema. Take your pick from a wide range of recent releases and cult classics.

The Electric

Redchurch St, Shoreditch

Comfort is one of the most important aspects of any good cinema and this picture house has hit the nail on the head. The screens at the Electric may not be the biggest in the world but as you sink into one of the plush seats, you’ll find yourself in a world of comfort. The Electric is a popular choice for groups of friends thanks to its location in the heart of Shoreditch.


Charlie Chaplin Walk, London

If you put pure cinematic power ahead of anything else, you won’t want to miss out on a trip to the iconic BFI IMAX. Located on a roundabout in Lambeth, this epic picture house boasts one of the biggest cinema screens in Europe and is the perfect place for modern film lovers to be blown away by the huge blockbuster hits that are coming up this year.