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Standing the test of time

We believe in a future where the best of the past is preserved and perfected.

Preserving what is timeless about the art of hospitality, we set out to perfect it with continual innovation in the guest experience, and pioneer new ways to enjoy it. It keeps us current, yet rooted in our communities – the places that make us who and what we are.

Fleeting fads and momentary trends just aren’t our thing. Instead, we put our energies into creating memorable moments and making them last. To stay at a Montcalm then is to experience something of lasting worth.

Style, with substance

Cutting edge doesn’t cut it unless it’s comfortable too. So we design our hotels to be lived in as much as to be looked at, celebrating the individuality of our settings with décor that helps to tell the building’s story in a contemporary way. Even when a brand new Montcalm is commissioned, it’s a building unlike any other. Montcalm East Shoreditch London, our spirited younger sibling, is an architectural world-first inspired by the work of ‘Op-Art’ pioneer Bridget Riley – manipulating light on its striking, triple glazed shell to dramatic effect.

Think of us as a compendium of individual experiences, evoking different times in London’s history, brought together by a timeless elegance – and the same exacting standards.

That’s our story. Now it’s time for a new chapter in yours…