Where to see Cherry Blooms in London this Spring

Aerial view on thames and london city at spring

Springtime is the perfect time to find cherry blossom throughout London, and there’s plenty of it to be discovered! From sprawling royal parks to lesser known spaces, here are the best locations to find cherry blooms this spring…

Greenwich Park

Offering fantastic views and an abundance of cherry blossom trees, Greenwich Park is one of the highlights of the city. It was the first royal park to be enclosed, and stands within 180 acres of World Heritage Site.

Cherry Blossoms in Greenwich Park, London

Once designated as a royal hunting ground, it includes not only beautiful scenery but also plenty of nature, including everything from birds to foxes and the resident deer who can often be seen exploring the space.

There are a number of notable buildings in the park, including the Royal Observatory and Queen’s House. Greenwich Park is also the site of the Meridian Line, used as the point of reference for Greenwich Mean Time.

After you’ve scaled Greenwich Park hill and walked past the planetarium and observatory, you’ll be able to see the beautiful cherry blossom trees which form one of the key attractions. It’s a popular spot both for taking photographs and enjoying romantic picnics, which are a great activity to enjoy ahead of an evening meal at Hankies Marble Arch.

Kenwood House

At the edge of Hampstead Heath, Kenwood House is one of London’s most beautiful stately homes. It is notable for its vast art collection and its beautiful manicured gardens. Kenwood House regularly hosts special events which explore and celebrate its heritage, but you can also simply explore the grounds completely free of charge.

Kenwood House on Hampstead Heath, London, England

This location isn’t just a great place to see cherry blossoms, but also a wonderful area to discover a world of pink flowers during the Spring. There’s plenty to see here, including camellias, magnolias and rhododendrons. Each of these blooms look their very best during the springtime, and the house itself is so beautiful that you might forget you’re in London.

Kew Gardens

London’s stunning botanic garden, Kew Gardens is located in the south-west of the city and provides plentiful plant life and greenery. It’s home to the biggest collection of botanical collections anywhere in the world, as well as its most diverse.

Cherry Bloom Kew Gardens in London

The gardens were first founded in 1840, and they have been carefully preserved ever since, ensuring that the vast selection of plants which can be found here continue to thrive. In addition, there are lots of places at Kew Gardens where you can sit and watch the world go by, as well as plentiful cherry blooms.

We recommend a trip to the rose garden, which you’ll find behind the Palm House. There are numerous varieties on offer including a variety of different colours which look truly stunning when seen in these surroundings. Bring a camera to capture Kew at its most beautiful while staying at The Montcalm.

Kyoto Garden

This delightful part of Holland Park provides the ideal backdrop for relaxation, and a wonderful way to see some cherry blooms in the city.

The Kyoto Gardens in Holland Park, Kensington, London

It’s a unique space, designed to replicate a Japanese-style garden and provide space for reflection to visitors in the city. Holland Park itself spans some 22 hectares, and encompasses the ruins of the beautiful Holland House.

The house itself was once home to some of London’s foremost dynastic families, first built in 1605. Following destruction during the Blitz, it was ultimately transformed into the parkland it is today.

Kyoto Garden opened to the public in 1991, presented as a gift from the Japanese city of Kyoto as a way of commemorating and celebrating the friendship between the two nations. It is now one of the most popular parts of Holland Park.

Aside from the waterfalls and pond (which includes koi carp), Kyoto Garden includes remarkable cherry blossom trees which provide plenty of colour to an already remarkable part of the city. After spending some time exploring the space, you can head to Aviary London to enjoy a more urban view.

Battersea Park

Battersea Park Cherry Bloom in London

The often underrated Battersea Park includes plenty of beautiful cherry blossom trees, particularly at Spring Tree Walk. This area is incredibly scenic and atmospheric, giving you opportunities to take some stunning photos or simply enjoy a springtime walk.

St Paul’s Cathedral

One of the most photo-friendly of all London’s cherry blossom sites, the space outside St Paul’s Cathedral is home to only a few of the plants, but they are truly beautiful to behold.

You can follow up your exploration of cherry blossoms with a trip to the cathedral itself, which is amongst the most iconic buildings in the city. Built by Sir Christopher Wren, St Paul’s is a famous part of London’s skyline, and home to both beautiful artwork and a number of famous tombs.

Regent’s Park

The cherry blossoms which are located at Regent’s Park were temporarily removed in 2015 before being replaced with newer additions, providing an avenue-style area where you can walk underneath these beautiful blooms.

There are also more cherry blossoms elsewhere in the park’s Avenue Gardens, which have themselves developed a fine reputation for beauty. Here you’ll discover Victorian-style opulence on a grand scale.

St James’s Park

Another of London’s royal parks, and home to more cherry blossoms! There are fewer there than in some of the other additions to our list, but the location is centralised and you’ll discover plenty close to the lake.

Cosmos flower blooms in St.James Park , London, England

St James’s Park is also a wonderful place to go for a stroll before enjoying a Montcalm hotel afternoon tea – and all that exploring is sure to help you work up an appetite!

Kensington Gardens

kensington gardens in spring in London

The cherry blossom here is located close to Lancaster Gate, and stands out distinctively against the rich greenery of the gardens. You’ll also be able to find more beautiful cherry blossoms by heading for the Albert Memorial, which includes a selection of the city’s most beautiful cherry blooms.