Where to Find New Summer Clothes for the Kids in London

kids summer cloths in london

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No matter how much we plan or how much we pack, there’s always something that goes forgotten. What’s more, kids have a habit of going through clothes at an astonishing rate, often leaving choices a little limited.

Luckily, London is full of unique, fun stores that cater just to children. Offering something a little different, there are a number of places to grab clothes for the kids, whether you forgot in the rush to pack or just want to spruce up their wardrobe.

So, let’s take a look at some of the best places in London to find summer clothes for children.

Luna and Curious

An independent outfit, Luna and Curious emphasises unique and on-trend design for the whole family. They have specific ranges for babies to 2-year olds and a range for older kids.

The collection on offer are breezy, fun and perfect for summer wear. They cover all the essentials, from shoes to clothes to sunglasses, so it’s the perfect location to swing by during the summer months. The store is less than a mile from The Brewery Hotel on Chiswell Street, so guests only need to make a quick hop to secure some fashionable, fun summer clothes for the younger members of their party.

Little Wardrobe London

With a focus on sassy for the girls and classy for the boys, Little Wardrobe London is the perfect place to grab some new summer duds.

The store focuses on designs that are on-trend, and offers a solution for the parent in need of something smart for their child. If it’s an event or family party your child needs to dress for, Little Wardrobe London is the perfect place.


Covering clothing for children of all ages and style persuasions, Trotters is the perfect place to pick up some summer clothes for your little ones – even if they aren’t so little anymore.

Trotters puts the focus on fun, stylish designs without sacrificing practicality. They’re one hundred percent on-trend and stock everything from shoes to playsuits, even carrying hair accessories. They have six locations around London, so anyone staying in Montcalm Luxury Hotels in the capital is only a stone’s throw away from cool, classy and practical kid’s summer wear.

Childsplay Clothing

The emphasis here is on bright, cutting-edge trends and expressive wear for kids. Stocking over two-hundred designer brands, Childsplay is fun, bold and thoroughly modern.

The store carries everything a budding fashionista could need, from denim jackets to printed t-shirts, and all the necessaries for a summer wardrobe upgrade are to be found in-house. The clothes and shoes available range from outrageously colourful to muted, so there’s a solution whatever the occasion is.

If your child loves colour, then Childsplay is the place to visit.

Petit Bateau

If you’re searching for a more continental flavour, Petit Bateau is the place to be. There are branches dotted across the capital, so visitors to Montcalm Luxury Hotels will have no issues locating one of them.

Petit Bateau carries a ‘basics’ range which cover, well, the basics! If you’ve forgotten things like vests and shorts, this is the perfect place to find some with a French, nautical flavour. Aside from that, they combine style and traditional looks across their boy and girl ranges, as well as providing everything necessary to turn babies into tiny repositories of fashion.