The Month’s Most Interesting Exhibits at The British Museum

    British Museum

    The British Museum is one of London’s most significant and longest established museums, with a wealth of artwork, events and exhibits sourced from all over the world. There’s plenty to see this month so to help you plan your trip, here’s our guide to what’s on…

    I Object: Ian Hislop’s search for dissent
    Until 20th January 2019

    Ian Hislop is one of the UK’s foremost satirists, as well as a noted political and social commentator, and this exhibition is perfect for curious minds staying at the Montcalm Finsbury Square.

    As the editor of Private Eye, Hislop draws on his considerable experience handling subversive subject matter to compile the ‘I Object’ exhibition, which focuses on the role of protest throughout history. Whilst acknowledging that history is almost invariably written by the winners, I Object casts light on untold stories from around the globe, including items as far-reaching as Turkish shadow puppets to  graffiti from a Babylonian brick.

    The stories which these varied objects have to tell are truly fascinating,and with a collection of over 100 items on display, the exhibit doesn’t fail to acknowledge that those who made some of these items sometimes risked severe punishment – even death – for their descenting views.

    As a fine mixture of serious and light-hearted, this is ideal cultural fare before heading to The Aviary Rooftop Bar to relax and unwind.

    New acquisitions

    The British Museum
    Until 27th January 2019

    An exhibit focused on newly acquired artwork which spans not only Europe but the American continent and Australasia, this collection includes works from the 1400s right up to the 21st century. With 150 prints and drawings on display, there’s iconic artworks from the likes of Jasper Johns, Pablo Picasso and David Hockney, perfect for a browse before returning to Montcalm luxury hotels in London.

    I am Ashurbanipal: King of the world, King of Assyria
    Until 24th February 2019

    This exhibition tells the untold tale of a king who was once the most powerful man on earth. Self-described in tomb inscriptions as the ‘king of the world’, he reigned over vast tracks of territory with a seat in what is now northern Iraq.

    As the ruler of the Assyrian empire, which stretched from the east of the Mediterranean to western Iran, Ashurbanipal was known in his time as an empire builder, scholar and noted warrior. Whilst history may have forgotten much of his legacy, this exhibit shows through artefacts and historical data that it hasn’t been entirely erased by time. 

    Witnesses: emigre medallists in Britain
    Until 7th April 2019

    This exhibition takes a closer look at the artists from around the world who have come to the UK to design stunning medals. The museum has a collection of over 70,000 medals, ranging from the commemorative to those awarded to individuals. The show highlights some of the most striking examples whilst also looking at the lives of the immigrant medallists who created them.