What To Know About Visiting The Globe Theatre


    London’s theatre scene is one of the most celebrated in the world. From the West End to the attic stages in London pubs, the city is well known for its huge stage star sticking power. Many of the country’s theatre shows migrate to America, whilst its writers and actors soon work in television and film, often becoming household names. Guests of the Montcalm Hotel Chiswell Street are just a stone’s throw away from some of the most celebrated stages in East London. But all of this would not have been possible if it weren’t for Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre.

    Located close to London Bridge on the southern banks of the Thames, the Globe Theatre is a reconstruction of the original of the same name, located roughly in the same place as the one that was burnt down in 1613. Nowadays, the lifelike replica plays host to more than a million visitors each year and has set the stage for many actors who would go on to become the best of their generations, all whilst performing the works of Shakespeare, who’s theatre company held residence at the original. The Globe, then, is a must-visit theatre for anyone with even just a passing interest in William Shakespeare and offers guests of Montcalm luxury hotels a unique theatrical experience that you’ll not find anywhere else in the world. 

    History Of The Modern Globe

    Opened to the public in 1997, the Globe Theatre was built on the original plans of the Globe Theatre from 1599, but was changed to almost half the audience capacity due to safety restrictions. The Globe Theatre is located on the banks of the River Thames close to London Bridge Station. 

    An open air theatre with space for standing as well as stalls, the plans to create a reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe were spearheaded by director Sam Wanamaker as far back as the 70s’. Wanamaker’s Shakespeare Globe Trust spent nearly two decades trying to plan the recreation on Bankside. Wanamaker’s efforts led to the downstairs theatre in the globe, a more modern seated theatre that still retained traditional Elizabethan era elements, being named after him.

    Layout Of The Globe

    The Globe Theatre has a capacity of 1400 spectators, just under half of what the original two Globes would have had. Audiences have the choice of seated and sheltered tickets or standing tickets, the latter being considerably cheaper. There is no lighting rig or sound rig used in the Globe, utilising daylight during matinee performances and lights above the theatre during the evening that “recreate the impression” of daylight. The Wanamaker stage differs in that it has its own lighting rig and sound effects and can accommodate 340 people. 

    Showtimes For The Globe

    Most shows at the Globe take place at 7 pm in the evening. Matinee performances are scheduled for either 3pm or 2pm in the afternoon. You should check the Globe Theatre website for specific dates and times. 

    Buying Tickets

    You can buy tickets at the box office within the Globe Theatre or online at their website. There are also great deals on third party websites such as Ticketmaster and From The Box Office

    Food And Drink At The Globe

    Snacks and drinks are available from the outdoor bar at the Globe, keeping guests of Montcalm afternoon tea as refreshed as their hotel does. The drinks are often seasonal in nature. For instance, during the Christmas period, you can enjoy warm mulled wine whilst summer seasons will see Pimms on offer.

    The Swan At The Globe

    The neighbouring Swan pub is affiliated with the Globe Theatre and offers pre and post theatre menus at great rates for audience members. You can also enjoy the Swan without visiting The Globe Theatre at all, with seasonal menus offering high class pub grub and Sunday roasts.

    Tours Of The Globe

    With family tickets at just £50, tours of the Globe Theatre are a Shakespeare lover’s dream. Learn from your guide and expert Shakespeare thesp about the history and functions of the Globes backstage and stage areas. There may be certain restrictions on where you can visit, depending on the shows being performed that day, but during your tour you’ll learn about the history of the original Globe. Stories will range from how the theatre survived the plague, how it was rebuilt after a stage cannon burnt the original down in 1613, and how Shakespeare’s resident theatre company avoided political censorship.

    Shopping At The Globe

    The Globe Theatre gift shop offers a range of play scripts and gifts that all Shakespeare lovers will enjoy. From specially designed clothing inspired by that season’s programming to stationery and accessories, it’s hard not to leave the theatre empty handed.

    What’s On This Season?

    Guests of the Montcalm Spa are spoilt for choice when it comes to theatre shows to see. From contemporary, Shakespeare inspired plays to the works of the Bard himself, there are four great shows to see this year.

    The Tempest

    This reimagining of one of Shakespeare’s most magical plays has been well received by critics and sees modern costume and design infuse new life into this beautiful Shakespearean comedy.

    I, Joan

    This new retelling of the story of Joan of Arc was written by playwright Charlie Josephine uncovers a gender queer angle to the story of France’s favouriet femal fighter. I, Joan is a highly anticipated exploration of history and oppression, and will run from Monday 19th September to October the 20th.

    Henry V

    Performed in the Sam Wanamaker theatre, Henry V’s restaging will see modern parallels drawn in one of Shakespeare’s more overlooked history plays. Henry V runs from the 10th of November and into February 2023.

    Hakawatis: Women Of The Arabian Nights

    Running through December and into January 2023, Hawakatis is another modern play that’s inspired by the Arabian Nights stories. Written by the Globe Theatre’s writer in residence, it explores the power of storytelling as a means of survival, all through a modern, female focused lens.