Neighbourhood Guide: Pimlico

Pimlico Street London

Pimlico is a small area in central London, located within the City of Westminster. The district is well connected to places such as Belgravia and noted for its array of stunning garden squares and rich Regency-era architecture. What Pimlico lacks in size, it more than makes up for in things to do and see from historic buildings to great new eateries. Read on for our quick guide to this intriguing region of London and a visit here makes a great whilst
staying at the Montcalm London hotel in Marble Arch.

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey

One of London’s most famous historic buildings, Westminster Abbey has been the site of every royal coronation in England since 1066. The venue has also hosted a number of noted royal weddings and special events, including the Royal Wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge in 2011. There’s lots to recommend with a visit here, from the stunning architecture to the daily services and rich history which is visible all around. Founded in 960AD, it’s also the final resting place of 17 monarchs – and noted as the UK’s most important Gothic building, all of which makes it a top London Pick.

Chelsea College of Arts

Chelsea College of Arts London

Part of the UK’s University of the Arts London, the Chelsea College of Arts is close to the Montcalm, and has been training some of the leading lights in the world of art, craft and design since the 1930s. The venue has become widely noted as an exhibition space hosting a number of experimental art projects and also as a centre of curation.

Great Places to Eat

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Located just off Pimlico Road in Orange Square, the local farmer’s market is ideal for picking up some local produce while you visit London. The stalls sell everything from more conventional fare to a wide range of edible flowers and ready-to-eat treats. For in-house dining, Moo Cantina serves Argentinean steaks and delicious cocktails as well as incredible sandwiches and a very special take on crème caramel.

Pimlico Lifestyle

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For relaxing in the great outdoors, the area surrounding St George’s Square represents some of the finest Georgian architecture in the city, with public gardens providing ample green space. The square has previously had a number of noted residents including author Bram Stoker, and the houses here are often noted for their beauty.