London’s Trendiest Neighbourhoods

notting hill

One of the many things that make London such an iconic and trend-setting city is the rich diversity of style all over the capital.

Each of its neighbourhoods has its own appeal and personality, giving the capital a wealth of variety wherever you go. Whatever your taste, you’ll find somewhere in London that will leave you feeling perfectly at home – whether you love the buzzing atmosphere of a busy, urban metropolis, want to immerse yourself in a sense of timeless history, or hanker for a little calm and serenity amongst picture-perfect streets lined with utterly charming buildings.

Decisions, decisions!

Read on to find out more about London’s most stylish and trendiest neighbourhoods, and start planning the perfect adventure around the capital so that you can discover more about each of them.

Notting Hill

Over in West London, you’ll find one of the city’s most widely Instagrammed collection of streets and one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the capital. Immortalised on the silver screen by a cetain late 90s British rom-com, Notting Hill is instantly recognisable by its pretty streets lined with pastel-coloured houses, fresh flowers and charming street-side boutiques and cafés.

Its charm is more than just skin deep, as the area also boasts a lively neighbourhood feel, with regular markets down Portobello Road where traders will cheerfully sell you everything from vintage gems and quirky collectables to antique books and fresh fruit and veg.

But it’s also worth exploring the local stores and pubs around the area that give Notting Hill such a warm and inviting village appeal.


With one of the busiest main stations in the city, Paddington might not at first glance seem like one of the trendiest neighbourhoods in the capital, but beyond the hustle and bustle of trains and traffic, you’ll find one of the most delightful areas in the city.

Tucked off the main streets, head towards the intersection between the city’s two major canals, the Grand Union and the Regent’s Canal, to find a magical neighbourhood a world away from all the noise and busy-ness. Often nicknamed Little Venice because of its picturesque waterways and plant-filled islands, the area has a timeless sense of style.

It’s the ideal place to enjoy a relaxing day out, amongst the colourful barge boats and floating cafés. You’ll also find a nearby Montcalm Hotel to stay just a short distance away if you fancy soaking up the atmosphere a little longer.

The City of London

The City of London, otherwise known as the Square Mile, is one of London’s most technologically savvy and impressive neighbourhoods. While it’s the place of choice for many of the capital’s leading businesses, it’s also filled with unique attractions that make this such a vibrant and exciting neighbourhood to explore.

You don’t have to look far to be impressed by the stunning architecture all around you – from fantastic skyscrapers and gleaming corporate buildings to the rich variety of public artwork, installations and hidden sculptures adding a little more history to the overwhelming sense of modernity.

With all those tall buildings around, it goes without saying that the City is one of the top places to find some fantastic rooftop bars, including the exceptionally stylish The Aviary London. Head up around sunset to take in the breath-taking views overlooking the neighbourhood, while enjoying a delicious cocktail, for the perfect evening out.

The area also boasts plenty of luxury, including fantastic gourmet haunts for some of the finest food in London, and great Montcalm Spa deals, for when you need a helping hand to unwind.

While it might seem very shiny and new, the City is also filled with some of London’s most historic secrets, including ancient Roman remains, medieval monasteries, and atmospheric churches. And it’s this special blend of past, present and future that makes the City such a special neighbourhood to hang out in.


Just north to the City of London, the busy, arty neighbourhood of Shoreditch will instantly grab the attention of anyone looking to immerse themselves in a trendier side of the capital.

Shoreditch is infamous for its hipster appeal, and it’s definitely not short on trendy hot spots. With striking street art everywhere you look, as well as unique boutiques, great places to eat and drink, and quirky and inventive spots to hang out by night, Shoreditch is filled with personality.

But beyond the glossier and trendy surface, Shoreditch also has a broader sense of multicultural appeal. Head towards the vibrant Brick Lane to soak up the market atmosphere, or enjoy a laidback drink in one of the neighbourhoods stylish rooftop bars. With the Montcalm Royal London perfectly placed in the heart of the area, it’s well worth spending a day or two in the neighbourhood to get a true sense of its charms.


If you love the drama of the city but prefer to have a little more breathing space, check out the neighbourhood of Southwark. As one of the city’s oldest boroughs, it is packed with history and fantastic walking routes, as well as boasting incredible views of the city skyline across the river.

There’s nothing quite like seeing the sight of St Paul’s Cathedral in the distance on a beautiful morning or a calming run alongside the banks of the river.

Southwark offers plenty of cultural highlights in the area, including the renowned Tate Modern, as well as many smaller and less known art venues. It’s also home to one of the most magnificent and serene cemeteries in London, containing a nature reserve filled with songbirds, and providing the perfect place to escape the busy pace of the city.

Southwark also features one of the best food markets in London, Borough Market. This bustling market is packed with dozens of stands selling fresh food, artisanal produce and delicious snacks and treats. What’s more, you’ll find dozens of independent bars and restaurants around the neighbourhood. Whether you’re in the mood for something low-key or would be happy dancing the night away, you’re sure to have an enjoyable night with the cultural delights of the South Bank in easy distance.