Boutique Hotels are best and why you should choose The Montcalm

    Boutique Hotels are best and why you should choose The Montcalm

    Boutique hotels have risen in popularity as travellers seek accommodations that have cosy yet stylish and wholly unique characteristics. These properties provide a bespoke experience with a commitment to hospitality that is rarely found in traditional hotel chains. 

    When you next visit London, making a reservation at a boutique hotel will guarantee that you have a restful and memorable experience. 

    10 Reasons why London boutique hotels are best

    Here are 10 reasons why London boutique hotels are best and why The Montcalm is the best luxury boutique hotel in the West End. 

    Boutique hotels are independent 

    In contrast to traditional hotels, boutique hotels are owned by small independent chains or, in some cases, individuals. 

    This removes the sense of anonymity that you find in larger chains and creates an atmosphere that feels less corporate. Hospitality staff in boutique hotels channel this ethos, with genuine warmth and duty of care that you will struggle to find elsewhere. 

    Boutique hotels are stylish

    Leading on from that, the management team behind each hotel is responsible for the decor and configuration of the hotel. That means that each boutique London hotel stands out with personal touches that mark it out as distinct. 

    Directors may source creations from specific designers or artists to decorate the rooms. Boutique hotels are often themed and there is always a design style that suits everyone’s taste. For example, you might find literary, vintage, or floral themes woven throughout the property.

    In the case of London boutique hotels you will frequently find nods towards the capital city itself, specifically the local area. 

    Boutique hotels are luxurious

    Boutique properties are supremely comfortable with custom fittings and fixtures. With an uncanny level of attention to detail, the emphasis is on customer comfort. You are more likely to find natural fabrics, homemade upholstery and furnishings, and first rate materials awaiting you at a boutique hotel. These higher quality ensembles result in a comfy and luxurious environment.  

    Boutique hotels are conveniently located 

    Part of the allure of a boutique hotel is that they are usually located in the trendier neighbourhoods of a city. 

    In the case of the London boutique hotels, you will find the lion’s share sited within Zone 1, the centremost district of the city. These are spread consistently across Westminster and the City of London although the vast majority populate the West End. This central location means that the hotel has excellent London Underground and bus links as well as an abundance of black cabs and rideshare taxis. 

    Boutique hotels are tourist friendly 

    Besides the convenience of being centrally located, the best boutique hotels in London are situated close to the main tourist attractions. 

    If you choose to stay with The Montcalm you will have Royal Parks, historic palaces, stellar museums and galleries, major landmarks, and family attractions right on your doorstep. 

    Furthermore, you will find that you are in a prime position to get around the city’s leading restaurants and friendliest bars and pubs. 

    Boutique hotels value wellbeing

    Wellbeing and maintaining good health are of utmost importance at boutique hotels in London. This is why the most luxurious hotels are fitted with such facilities as a gym and spa where you have easy access to holistic therapies. 

    Detoxing in the sauna or steam room offers a wealth of health benefits including improving circulation, smoothing complexion, and easing the aches and pains of a long day of sightseeing or business meetings. 

    Meanwhile, opting for a massage delivered by a professional therapist will tease out all the tension and prepare you for a deep night of sleep. 

    Boutique hotels are tech savvy

    Even when you are seeking a sanctuary to recharge your buttons, you will still want to stay connected to the world. Boutique hotels understand that their guests need modern, reliable amenities such as high speed WiFi, smart televisions, and sleek coffee makers. 

    Boutique hotels are a foodie haven

    The management teams behind the finest London boutique hotels understand that food is part of the culture when you travel. 

    Besides a comprehensive breakfast menu and in room dining around the clock, The Montcalm features its own on site restaurants where you can choose between contemporary classics or authentic South Asian cuisine inspired by Indian street eats. 

    Sitting down to an afternoon tea is one of the most charming activities to indulge in while visiting London. Luxury boutique hotels usually prepare their own twist on the traditional menu of finger sandwiches, scones, and cakes. Remember to add a glass of bubbles if you are celebrating a special occasion. 

    Boutique hotels are for everyone 

    Couples, families, friends, and business travellers are all equally welcome at boutique hotels. 

    Following the style of traditional hotels, you will find a portfolio of rooms varying from honeymoon suites through to family rooms and executive chambers. Certain London boutique hotels may cater specifically for families over couples or vice versa but establishments such as The Montcalm are equipped to handle all kinds of traveller. 

    Boutique hotels satisfy all budgets

    Budgets vary significantly across the boutique hotel industry with affordable rates through to pricier options for the most luxurious properties. 

    Boutique hotels excel when it comes to design, service, and location which means that the price you pay is always fair and worth every penny.  

    What is the best boutique hotel in London?

    As a multi award winning hotel with unsurpassed style and service, The Montcalm satisfies all of the above points and ranks as one of the best London boutique hotels.

    Immaculate rooms and suites are designed to cater for all types of traveller, comfort and atmosphere are unparalleled, and the location of Montcalm hotels cannot be faulted. 

    Situated in the heart of London’s West End, The Montcalm Marble Arch is the perfect all rounder whether you are organising your first visit to the capital or a long overdue return. Planning a special occasion such as a wedding anniversary, honeymoon, or birthday present for someone special in your life? The reception team will ensure that your requirements are met.