Top Exhibitions and Seminars Happening This Month


The start of a new year always brings with it opportunities to find out something new and often reignites a passion for learning. Thankfully, London is buzzing with new events to enjoy! We’ve compiled this quick list to the very best exhibits and seminars to check out this month during your stay in the city.

Sessions in Sound: Photographs by Norman Seeff


Proud Central

Until 13th January 2019

A great exhibition for photography fans to check out before heading to the Montcalm Spa in London, Proud Galleries presents a collection of the photographer Norman Seeff’s acclaimed photos, including some truly thought-provoking work which brings many classic 20th century musical artists to a new audience. Authentic and insightful, Seeff’s lens knew how to find the real person behind the artist.

I Object: Ian Hislop’s Search for Dissent

The British Museum

Until 20th January 2019

This fascinating exhibition explores dissenting voices and the power of rebellion in blistering detail, with objects spanning decades of revolutionary and protesting activities around the world. Ian Hislop is best known to many as the editor of The Spectator, and he brings all his subversive skill to play for this event. The exhibition also takes a closer look at the ways history has treated the items included in the exhibition. In addition, ‘I Object’ demonstrates the way questioning authority has been met by those in power over the years, and how this relationship continues to evolve in the present day. Interesting stuff, particularly for those seeking brain-food after enjoying a London breakfast buffet nearby.

Good Grief, Charlie Brown

Somerset House

Until 3rd March 2019

Fusing on the work of noted cartoonist Charles M. Schulz with a range of contemporary cartoon artists and designers who found Charlie Brown inspirational, this exhibition tells the tale of a much-loved work which continues to inspire new fans.

The exhibit shows that despite its seemingly light subject matter, Charlie Brown cartoons also covered some timely and long-lasting themes like war, art and faith. It is an ongoing testament to the power of creativity to express new ideas.

Objects which belonged to Schulz are included within the exhibit, as well as plenty of original publications and vintage finds. For those eager to find out more about one of the most important cartoonists of the 20th century, Good Grief, Charlie Brown is well worth a visit during your stay at Montcalm hotels in London.

This vexed question: 500 years of women in medicine

Royal College of Physicians

Until 18th January 2019

Women have played a key role in medicine for centuries, making medicinal recipes and working in herbalism prior to becoming doctors themselves. This exhibition explores the role in more detail, in celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Royal College of Physicians.

Using a wonderful collection of items including early 13th century manuscripts, court records from the Tudor era, 17th century adverts and rare artefacts spanning hundreds of years, the exhibition also shines a light on the work of 20th century female medical pioneers, and captures the voices of contemporary medical women via real-life testimonies – providing a well-rounded and fascinating look at the medicinal world.