The must-see museums and galleries for fashion lovers in London

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London is known for being the fashion capital of the UK and is a goldmine for anyone interested in the latest trends. As well as events and galas, the city is full of artistic institutes and design houses that celebrate the world of fashion.

Take a trip to one of our Central London hotels to discover the rich and vibrant fashion scene that London is famous for. Here at The Montcalm Brewery, we appreciate the diverse culture and creativity that can be found in London so we’ve put together this list of must-see fashion museums.

Fashion and Textile Museum

Bermondsey Street, London

This is the only museum in the whole of the UK which is dedicated entirely to the preservation and showcasing of contemporary fashion which means it is a must-see attraction for anyone interested in the world of fashion. Whether you’re hoping to break into the fashion industry and you need some inspiration or you simply love clothes and want to see how they are designed, the Fashion and Textile Museum is a treasure trove. With a huge collection of textile samples and contemporary fashion designs, there’s plenty to see for fashion lovers heading to The Montcalm Brewery.

Victoria & Albert Museum

Cromwell Road, London

As one of the oldest and most prestigious museums in London, the V&A has become a pillar of the creative community. Specialising in all aspects of art and design, the museum boasts a large collection of decorative art materials. Take a trip to Cromwell Road during your stay in London and browse over 4.5 million objects from areas such as fashion, graphic design and interior design. This is the perfect place to find inspiration if you’re trying to design your own range of clothes. With a collection that spans decades, you’ll discover all kinds of hidden treasures

Design Museum

Kensington High Street, London

In the heart of Kensington, you’ll find one of the most underrated and often overlooked museums in London. The name of the museum may seem ambiguous but this house of creativity holds some of the most amazing exhibits in the world of design. With rare works and amazing objects from the worlds of fashion, graphics, architecture and interior design, there are plenty of hidden gems to discover. The Museum is operated by a collection of leading figures in the world of design which means that there are always exciting events and exhibitions taking place throughout the year.

Fashion Space Gallery

John Prince’s Street, London

For anyone looking for the latest in fashion trends, it doesn’t get much better than this. Fashion Space Gallery is a contemporary space that is devoted to showcasing the latest fashion trends and experimental design concepts. In recent years, the gallery has solidified its position in the heart of London’s fashion scene and is regularly frequented by designers and collectors from all over the world. Some of the latest and greatest names in the fashion industry have gained recognition after exhibiting their work here so be sure to check it out on your trip to London.