How to Spend a Morning in King’s Cross

King’s Cross

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Some of the biggest and most popular attractions in London are the many famous train stations dotted around the city. Bringing in millions of travellers and commuters every day, London’s stations are surrounded by bustling communities, iconic attractions and vibrant shopping districts.

King’s Cross is one of the city’s oldest railway houses and has become one of its most famous. Known to Harry Potter fans as the home of platform 9¾, the grand station is at the heart of London’s busiest area. If you’re travelling to The Montcalm Royal London House hotel by train, this list of things to do around King’s Cross will make sure your trip gets off to a great start.

Platform 9¾

A trip through King’s Cross wouldn’t be complete without a photo of you pushing a trolley through the invisible doorway that leads onto Platform 9¾. The worldwide wizarding phenomenon has become one of the most popular book and film franchises in the world and you can now experience the magic at King’s Cross Station. There’s usually a queue, so you may have to wait in line for a few minutes but it’ll be worth it for the photo you can show off to your friends and family back home. There’s also a gift shop to stock up on Harry Potter souvenirs before heading to the The Montcalm Royal London House hotelto book in.

British Library

British Library

On the other side of St Pancras you’ll find the UK’s national library and home of the second largest collection of books and documents in the world. This is a book lover’s dream and will give you a chance to dig through the history of Britain and the rest of the world, during your trip to London. A walk to this epic library to settle down with a book is a great way to relax before starting the rest of your day. With over 150 million items from countries all over the world, the British Library is a paradise of literature that you’ll love to get lost in.

Pancras Square Leisure Centre

Sometimes a refreshing swim or a quick workout is the best way to wake up and get ready to start your day. If you’re travelling on business, exercise is a great way to clear your head and get in gear for work. The Pancras Square Leisure Centre offers a wide variety of facilities and activities for anyone looking to break a sweat during their time in London. With multiple swimming pools, a sauna, a steam room, a fitness centre and two studios, the leisure centre has everything you could need for a morning workout.

London Canal Museum

London is famous for its iconic waterways and canal systems, which carry tourists and travellers around the city every day. Learn more about the historic rivers and canals at this quaint museum located just across from King’s Cross Station. Learn how ancient settlers and traders used the waterways of London to explore the area and transport goods. The terrain of London and its canals have changed dramatically over the centuries and this is a great opportunity for you to learn more about it.