A Quick History Of The London Dungeon

statue outside the London Dungeon, UK

Among the famous attractions and landmarks of London, the London Dungeon holds some of the darkest secrets in the city’s history. Thousands of people head into the depths of the dungeon every year to discover the mysteries beneath.

If you’re looking to experience the rich culture of London and find out more about the darker side of the city’s history, our Montcalm hotels London are within easy reach of the old London Dungeon. If you’re getting excited about staying at our 5 star hotels in London West End, here is a quick history of the London Dungeon to prepare you for your adventure.

The Old London Dungeon History

Established as a tourist attraction in 1974, the London Dungeon has become one of the city’s most popular sights and a hotspot for tourists and travellers looking for thrills and chills. Although the dungeon was created as an interactive tourist experience, it is designed to explore 1000 years of history by recreating some of London’s most gruesome events and bringing to life a cast of infamous characters. While never actually serving as a prison, the London Dungeon is home to some of the darkest tales in the city’s history.

Where to Find London Dungeon?


County Hall,
Westminster Bridge Road,
South Bank, London, SE1
United Kingdom

When the dungeon was conceived the idea was to give visitors a chance to learn about the dark secrets and gruesome mysteries of the last 1000 years in London. Among the stories told, the tale of Jack the Ripper is one of the most ghoulish experiences on offer. Delve into the eerie past of the most notorious killer in London’s history as you hear tall tales about his victims and how he stalked them through the side streets and back alleys. Using accurate historical information, the performers at the London Dungeon recreate the harrowing events and take you on a journey through Jack the Ripper’s London.

Visitors can also meet Guy Fawkes and learn about the famous Gunpowder Plot. There is a deep history behind the iconic event which involves religious persecution, violent revolt, and treasonous scheming. This is all brought to life in the eerie confines of the London Dungeon and visitors can expect to encounter conspirators as they try to succeed in their plot to destroy Parliament. With Bonfire Night right around the corner, this is a perfect family experience for anyone heading to our Montcalm hotels London.

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It’s not all about murderers and conspiring religious fanatics at the London Dungeon though. The immersive experience also gives you a chance to learn about the history of the plague in London and how it created so much mayhem during the 17th century. Hear horrific tales from a 1660s plague doctor as he regales you with gruesome stories of rotting bodies and swarms of rats. The blood-curdling experience is sure to make your hairs stand on end.

There is plenty of history to uncover and mysteries to solve at the London Dungeon. Be sure to visit during your London trip so you can explore 1000 years of London Dungeon history and learn more about one of the most famous cities in the world.


What age is London Dungeon suitable for?

The recommended age for London Dungeon is 12 years & above. Many children goes into the London Dungeon and enjoy the experience a lot but accompanying adults have to make sure that it gets very dark inside and there are lots of loud noises.

Do you have to book London Dungeon?

If you are purchasing your tickets on the day of your visit at The London Dungeon you will first need to visit our Box Office to book into a Show Time. The tickets you purchase here will have an allocated Show Time on them; you must return to The London Dungeon at this time to begin your experience. Know more here.

How long does London Dungeon last?

Tours consist of groups of a maximum of 45 people and last approximately 110 minutes. This does not include queue time. The time on your ticket is the time you are allowed to enter the building and queue. Queue times differ depending on attendance levels and can go from 10-45 minutes.

What zone is London Dungeon?

4-5 minutes walk from Waterloo Tube station, which is on the Northern, Jubilee and Bakerloo Lines. Waterloo mainline station is also just 4-5 minutes walk.

Has the London Dungeon moved?

The London Dungeon was founded in 1976 by Annabel Geddes. In 2013, the London Dungeon moved from its premises of 39 years in Tooley Street, to County Hall, South Bank, to be grouped with other Merlin-owned attractions such as the London Eye.

What station is closest to London Dungeons?


When was the London Dungeon built?


Is the London Dungeon included in the London Pass?

Several major attractions in London that are currently NOT included with the London Pass which are London Dungeon, London Eye, London Aquarium, Buckingham Palace tours, Madame Tussauds and tours of the Houses of Parliament.