A Montcalm Guide to Gaming in London


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The gaming world is constantly growing and more people around the world are picking up controllers and grabbing joysticks to play some of their favourite titles. Cutting-edge technology has helped the development of new consoles and graphics like never before but the new vintage trend has also brought back a slew of classic gaming favourites.

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer looking to experience the latest action-packed titles or a fan of retro arcade games hoping to take a stroll down memory lane with some vintage arcade games, you’ll find plenty of exciting places near the Montcalm at the Brewery London City. Here are a few of our favourite London hotspots for gamers.


The Loading Bar

Stoke Newington Road, London
This funky gaming bar is the perfect place to hang out with friends and have a drink while playing some of your favourite games. One of the selling points of The Loading Bar is the cocktail menu which is made up of a long list of gaming-related concoctions. Choose your poison and then choose your weapon as you face off against your friends on the latest consoles. Choose from a fine selection of games spanning every genre you can think of. From fighting games to first person shooters, The Loading Bar has everything a gamer staying at our 5 Star city hotels London could need.


Caledonian Road, London
Any serious gamers will instantly recognise this iconic brand and will be excited to know that Meltdown now has a location in London. Meltdown is a paradise for PC gamers and is one of the first bars to host regular gaming events and tournaments. Whether you’re a fan of real-time strategy games such as Dota or you prefer a good first-person shooter such as CS:GO or Overwatch, you’ll feel right at home spending a night at Meltdown. If you’re planning a trip to our 5 Star city hotels London with your friends, be sure to check out the events at Meltdown and get to where the action is.


Las Vegas Arcade

Wardour Street, London
If you’re not a fan of fancy graphics and intensive gameplay, there’s a place in Soho where you can play some of the best old-school games from decades gone by. Retro gamers can choose from a wide selection of classic arcade machines when they visit the Las Vegas Arcade. Chase down ghosts as your favourite yellow maze-runner or control the famous Italian plumber Mario as you try to top the leaderboard and claim your glory. There are plenty of other things to do at the Las Vegas Arcade too. With pool tables, air-hockey tables and plenty of classic arcade games, you’ll not get bored any time soon.

The Heart of Gaming

Cullen Way, London
If hipsters were given the task of designing a gaming bar, it would most likely look something like this. The Heart of Gaming is a popular venue located in a North Acton industrial estate. The bar contains a huge range of classic arcade machines and tabletop games, as well as a long bar with a good drinks menu. The great thing about this gaming paradise is that you pay on the door and not per machine.