How much has Britain changed in the last 70 years?


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Over the last seven decades, this great isle of ours has undergone some serious changes, and it is this that a new exhibition at the Southbank Centre will be focusing on.

Changing Britain: 1945-2015 will be looking at British history over the last 70 years, and how it has changed, whether it be through culture, politics or society. Inspired by the history books written by critically-acclaimed David Kynaston, this festival will be looking at social history in the UK from the end of the second world war – a real transformative time for the country.

There will be an extensive programme of workshops, debates, talks and interactive displays, not just looking back but also forward to where we as a nation may be heading in the future, especially after this year’s general election. Highlights to look out for include a series of performances that will be carried out by the BBC Concert Orchestra – they will be playing classic pieces from huge television events, such as William Walton’s Coronation March and Hancock’s Half Hour.

Was welfare still an issue in the 1950s? Is immigration really a modern problem? Have we become more equal as a country in the last 70 years? All these questions will be answered at this interesting festival, which will be running from January 30th to May 9th. Make a real weekend of it and stay in a London hotel so you can incorporate some of the city’s other iconic attractions in your itinerary, including Westminster Abbey, the London Eye and the Shard, the last of which stands as the tallest building in Europe.

Whether you have lived in the UK for the last 70 years, or are trying to teach your kids about social revolutions, this is the exhibit for you!