Best places to see the stars in London

stars in london

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There’s nothing more beautiful than looking up at a blanket of stars. Although it can be hard to appreciate them in a busy city like London, there are a number of hidden spots where you can watch the stars twinkle through the night.

Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway with your partner to one of our 5 star hotels in London West End or you simply need to relax and feel inspired, here are some of the great spots close to the Montcalm Hotel where you can see the stars without worrying about light pollution.

Richmond Park

As one of London’s largest green spaces, Richmond Park offers some of the best natural views in the country. As you stroll through the vast open expanse and wooded areas, you’ll never feel as though you’re in one of the biggest cities in Britain. One of the added perks of visiting such a wide open space is the lack of artificial light. This means that after the sun goes down, you’ll be left with nothing but the light of the moon and thousands of stars spread across the sky. This is the perfect spot to bring your loved one if you’re planning a romantic date night on your city break.

Morden Hall Park

This gorgeous green getaway is a little further away from the centre of London but is definitely worth the trip if you’re looking for a great place to stargaze. The park is right next to Phipps Bridge Station which means you can easily catch the tram from the Montcalm Hotel. With over 125 acres of lush land to explore, there’s plenty to see. Head over in the afternoon and take your camera along to capture the natural beauty of the park before waiting for the sun to fall and the stars to appear. Even during winter, Morden Hall Park is one of the most beautiful areas in London.

Hyde Park

If you’d prefer not to travel to the outskirts of the city, you can still find gorgeous views of the star-studded evening sky right around the corner from the Montcalm Hotel. Hyde Park is one of the most famous greeneries in the city and has plenty of hidden spaces for couples to put down a blanket and spend the evening stargazing. The park is surrounded by busy streets but if you pick a quiet spot in the centre and wait for your eyes to adjust, you’ll be rewarded with incredible views.

Royal Observatory

The beautiful area of Greenwich boasts some of the most picturesque views in London and is also home to the Royal Observatory. Spend the day exploring the iconic museum and learn more about history’s famous stargazers and the many discoveries they made throughout the years. As the sun begins to lower, explore the local greeneries to find a perfect spot to sit and admire the stars above the greatest city in the world.