5 Fairy Tale Locations for Your London Wedding


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Getting married is a seismic life event. It’s all about committing to another person and making a statement that you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Yes, it’s stressful and it’s a nightmare trying to avoid putting certain family members together, but it’s also a once-in-a-lifetime event.

And the venue is what can make or break a wedding. Get it right and it’s something that will live in the memory forever. Get it wrong and it might become something you’d rather forget.

With that in mind, let’s look over some of the most amazing wedding venues on offer in London.

One Canada Square

If you’ve ever dreamed about an elegant, stylish wedding that harks back to classic mid-century design, One Canada Square is the venue for you.

A twenty-five-minute hop from the M by Moncalm, Shoreditch, One Canada Square is an Art Deco-themed venue that has it all. Dramatic staircases team effortlessly with a grand piano, mezzanine and floor-to-ceiling windows. The venue breathes style and elegance, with silver and walnut accents making for a beautiful wedding venue. One Canada Square can seat 72 guests in the main grand dining room, or up to 104 if you use the mezzanine as well.

Horniman Museum and Gardens

The ideal place for a summer wedding, Horniman Museum and Gardens offers an idyllic setting for exchanging vows. With a capacity of 120, the venue is great because the gardens offer the perfect place for guests to mingle and admire their surroundings, whilst not feeling restricted to one setting.

The Horniman conservatory allows guests and the married couple to dine in resplendent sunshine and make the most of a summer wedding.

Hampton Court Palace

If you’re staying in central London the night before the big day, say at somewhere stylish like The Brewery Hotel, London, then Hampton Court Palace is the perfect counterpoint to the big city.

A true fairy-tale setting, Hampton Court Palace is the type of place many people dream of when planning their wedding. You can choose from one of ten venues on site to host your wedding, from the castle itself or outside in the stunning gardens. There’s also a ballroom with hanging crystal chandeliers, so guests can cut loose in style.

Kew Gardens

One of the best things about Kew Gardens as a venue – aside from its obvious stunning looks – is the range of choice on offer. Whether your tastes run to the modern or the vintage, Kew Gardens has the answer.

Kew Gardens has an unrivalled setting and any style of wedding, intimate or large, will flourish in its colourful, sculpted environs.

Tween Deck

If you want your wedding to be totally unique and surrounded by history, Tween Deck on board The Cutty Sark is the best choice. A 52-minute trip from M by Montcalm, Shoreditch, Tween Deck is a totally unique venue that doesn’t shirk style and elegance.

Have some champagne up top on the deck, then descend into the below decks venue to dine amid real history. It has room for one-hundred people for a reception and seventy for dining, with a license extension available after 11pm.