17 Fascinating Facts About London


There are a lot of truly wonderful things about London.

It’s packed to bursting with incredible culture, mind blowing history and world class attractions and should be very high on your list of places to visit.

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Let’s take a look at some incredible facts about London that you probably don’t know!

The Centre Of Time

Time actually begins in London- or Greenwich to be more specific.

It was chosen as the standard time from which all other time zones are referenced- you may know it as UTC, or Universal Coordinated Time.

It also happens to be the location for the Prime Meridian from which all naval maps were drawn- meaning you can be in two hemispheres at one in London!

World’s Oldest Underground Rail Network

The London Underground was the world’s first underground passenger rail system when it opened in 1863.

Back then the line served just 6 stations across a small portion of the city- fast forward to 2023 and you’ll find 272 stations, 11 lines and over 400 kilometres of track!

Escalators That Travel The World

There are escalators in pretty much every station in the city, and these escalators travel twice the circumference of the globe every day!

That’s a lot of steps!

You Can Find The World’s Oldest Door

Westminster Abbey has a pretty strong history, with over 1,000 years under its belt- but one of the most interesting parts of the stunning church is the ancient door that is estimated to be at least 900 years old!

You can visit the door from your room in the The Montcalm Marble Arch with ease- it’s worth it!

Platform 9 3/4s Is Real… Sort Of

Harry Potter and London are pretty synonymous with one another, and you can visit many of the locations in the city from the books and films.

But the most exciting is Platform 9 ¾, found at the amazing Kings Cross Station! There is a cool photo opportunity and a great gift shop!

The Trafalgar Square Pigeons Were Outlawed

The pigeons of Trafalgar Square actually became quite iconic and numbered in their thousands- but it was actually made illegal to feed them as they were becoming a bigger and bigger problem for the city!

Some Of London’s Top Attractions Are Free

London is pricey, but it doesn’t have to be!

Places like The British Museum, The Natural History Museum, and the National Gallery are totally free to enter, and amongst the greatest in the world!

Donations are encouraged so give what you can!

Aldgate Station Is Built Over A Mass Grave

London was one of the areas hit the hardest by the plague in the mid 14th century, many Londoners lost their lives and mass graves were often the only means available to those left.

Aldgate Station was accidentally built on a mass grave containing a suspected 1,000 people.

Home To The Oldest Tennis Tournament In The World

The first ever Wimbledon Tournament was held in 1877 and remains one of the most prestigious tournaments in the world of tennis to this day.

32 Capsules On The London Eye

London is made up of 32 boroughs containing 9 million people which is reflected in one of the city’s most visited and iconic attractions.

The London Eye contains 32 capsules, one to represent each of the city’s unique Boroughs.

London Was First Called ‘Londinium’

Founded by the Romans in 47 CE by the Romans after their successful invasion of Britain.

It was a walled city placed on the banks of the Thames and only taking up about 1 square mile.

From your room in the Brewery Hotel Chiswell Street, you are perfectly located to get out there and explore the Roman wall that can still be found in London City.

Big Ben Is Not A Tower

This is one of the most common mistakes made by visitors to the city.

The tower that is attached to the iconic Houses of Parliament is actually called the Elizabeth Tower, after the late Queen.

The tower actually contains Big Ben- the name given to the giant bell that you can hear ringing every hour.

Most Of The Underground Is Overground

Despite its name, and the competing transport system the London Overground, much of the London Underground can be found above ground level!

Only 45% of the network is underground… If you’re feeling confused then don’t worry; everyone else is too!

London Buses Make Up Some Serious Mileage!

If you combine all the journeys travelled by the many London buses that operate in the city, you get around 300 million miles travelled!

That’s a lot of distance covered!

A Hospital Owns The Rights To Peter Pan

JM Barrie, the author of the much loved Peter Pan books, actually wrote the books in London and actually gifted the rights to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital.

They still own the rights to this day, and Barrie is much loved in the city for such an incredibly selfless act!

The Tube Has Its Own Species Of Mosquito

Somehow, a mosquito found its way down into the tunnels below the city, and thanks to the steady flow of people down there, had enough food to survive.

There is now a completely unique sub-species that lives down there full time! Gross!

The Fate Of The City Is In The Hands of Six Ravens

The Tower of London is home to 6 black ravens that hold the fate of the Crown, the city and the country in their tiny claws.

The ravens were obscuring the view of the Royal Astronomer who was working in the tower under the reign of King Charles II, and when the King found out he had them removed.

It is then thought that a local advisor told him that the fate of the country depended on whether the crows were in residence at the tower. So Charles made it law to have at least 6 crows living in the tower at all times! That law still stands to this day!

Incredible London

So there you have it, some incredible facts about the wonderful city of London.

It’s a city that will constantly surprise and delight you, and the more you explore the more you’ll discover.After a long day discovering London’s secrets you can head back to your room and enjoy a helping of The Montcalm London afternoon tea; it’s one of the best in the city and a great way to end a day!