Sleep secrets

A good night’s sleep. Sometimes elusive, yet essential when it comes to wellbeing. We think a hotel room should be the obvious place to go for (and learn the secrets of) a revitalising night’s rest. So, we work to create the ideal environment for it, starting with sound-proofed windows and easy room temperature control for optimum sleep. And we offer a Sleep Concierge service, recommending the simple techniques and small changes that can have a lasting impact on sleep quality.

Here’s how we unlock everyone’s potential to sleep well...

Pillow talk

Spending on average a third of our lifetimes in bed, it pays to be particular about pillows. Take your pick from the Montcalm’s pillow menu. There are hypo-allergenic, anti-ageing, ecological and vitamin-treated options, and with everything from sublime softness to a firmer feel for enhanced neck support, you’re sure to feel the benefits at breakfast time.

Scent to your room

The Montcalm’s signature aroma box, complimentary in all rooms, dispenses an alluring selection of sleep-friendly (not to mention mood-enhancing) scents. From floral and feminine to the proven soothing properties of lavender, or something altogether more exotic, take a deep breath and prepare for a deeper sleep.

Sleep secret


Healthy eating, hotel gyms and jogging maps are par for the course, so we feel a little shift of focus from physical to mental fitness might be called for. Yoga’s ancient ayurvedic principles see mind and body as one, and we couldn’t agree more. While better sleep helps to promote a sense of calm, practicing meditation takes you further towards mindfulness.

In-room workouts with relaxation techniques are a good start, and our in-room aroma selection can be tailored for meditation – the perfect way to take control of your day. As evening arrives, you could even try a little ‘Beditation’ – a 3-step meditation technique to help even the most switched-on guests switch off.

Meditation Meditation


Centuries-old and celebrated in countless cultures, yoga is a tried and tested way to enhance wellbeing. Uniting body and mind as one, it improves flexibility, strength, posture and muscle tone, as well as boosting immunity and enabling mindfulness.

Selected Montcalm hotels play host to guided yoga sessions on weekday mornings, followed by a delicious, nutritious smoothie. And when the weather warms up, there's no better wellbeing boost than a spot of al fresco yoga in the park.

For session dates and to book a place, please email customercare@themontcalm.com.
Advance Booking is required for the Yoga sessions, 7 days prior to the date of arrival.
*Only available at The Chilworth London Paddington.

Yoga Yoga

Bath Butler

The rarest of indulgences, having a hot bath drawn on demand and infused with aromatherapy oils is just the way to end a long day in London. Sink into it solo and savour some ‘me time’, or enjoy à deux with a combination of rose petals, mood music and, naturally, a glass of something sparkling. All good, clean fun of course.

The Bath Butler service is complimentary for guests booking Club Rooms or Suites directly on our website or through central reservations.

Bath Butler Bath Butler
Bath Butler