Welcome to The Montcalm Luxury hotels − London’s answer to the modern traveller’s quest for an independent luxury lifestyle brand.

We offer an experience they’ll only find in London, with an uncompromising commitment to quality. From buzzing bars, renowned restaurants and rejuvenating spa experiences to unforgettable corporate and private events, we do it all!

Our growing portfolio of five star hotels echoes the distinctive fusion of classic and cutting edge that has come to define London itself. To stay at one of our hotels is to enjoy a collection of memorable moments, crafted with passion and skill, that will stay with you long after you check out.

Our locations are among London’s best. In the West End, The Montcalm London Marble Arch − moments from Hyde Park, Park Lane and Oxford Street’s legendary stores. In the City, the Montcalm at the Brewery, with the Barbican arts centre and the UK’s financial hub on the doorstep. Just to the east, a new hotel opens in late 2016 in the beautifully restored Royal London House, minutes from Liverpool Street station. To the north stands the eye-catching new Montcalm East, an architectural wonder where Shoreditch meets trend-setting Tech City.

All our guest rooms are luxuriously appointed with the latest tech, and complimentary high speed Wi-Fi is a given. Thoughtful touches often overlooked elsewhere are also offered, from customized in-room aromas and bespoke pillow menus to a sleep concierge to help ensure a great night’s rest. And it’s not just our guest rooms that wow everyone we welcome; state-of-the-art meeting and event spaces with cutting edge audio-visual technology turn our corporate events and private parties into experiences to remember.

Our ethos is to preserve and perfect the art of hospitality, while pioneering new ways to enjoy it. With this in mind, we’re always seeking new sites to bring the Montcalm’s brand of timeless elegance to new and exciting neighbourhoods across the capital.


Our affiliate programme is an opportunity to leverage your business and gain better returns. You will be promoting The Montcalm Luxury Hotels through your website. We offer a handsome commission in return for the bookings we receive through your website.


The Montcalm Luxury Hotels are unique to London. Far from formulaic, each offers a one-of-a-kind experience, from classic Georgian elegance in the West End to futuristic chic in Shoreditch, but each shares a dedication to bespoke service, an innate sense of style and a culture of innovation that continually enhances the guest experience. There’s a craftsmanship to the way we create the Montcalm experience that makes each stay different. Going the extra mile for our guests is just the beginning of what we do to make every stay uniquely memorable.


There are absolutely no charges to join The Montcalm Affiliate Programme. If your business or website is relevant to The Montcalm Luxury Hotels, all you have to do is enroll. Once approved and formalities and set up is complete, you’re good to go!


  • When visitors to your website click through our affiliate links and book a stay at any of The Montcalm Luxury Hotels through www.themontcalm.com and complete their stay, you’ll earn a commission.
  • You earn a commission for every completed booking that originates from your website and is completed through www.themontcalm.com. Our booking engine is clearly visible on the landing page to aid conversion!
  • You earn commission on the net base sales amount for accommodation, excluding taxes. Charges for all additional items such as (and not limited to) food and beverage services, any other additional services are excluded. Commissions are only paid after the customer has completed their stay and checked out. In the event of a cancellation or no show no commissions are awarded. We only pay commissions for completed hotel stays.
  • Our website www.themontcalm.com is a user friendly portal with an online booking engine which, on completion of the booking process, offers an automated booking confirmation email. Each booking is confirmed with a unique booking reference number. Most booking options are offered with flexible modification and cancellation options.
  • As an affiliate partner you will receive your commissions earned through the affiliate network.


For each hotel in the group, commission is varied from 8 − 12 % depending on the publisher, promotional level and the season. Commissions are paid only on the net base sale room rate − not including taxes or any other charges / spend.

Programme Terms & Conditions

To participate in The Montcalm Luxury Hotels affiliate programme, the below terms and conditions apply. The Montcalm Luxury Hotels has the right to terminate participation from any affiliate if these terms are not adhered to by the affiliate; by participating, you are agreeing and bound to these terms.


a. Website must be live and fully operational

b. An acceptable Privacy Policy must be published/displayed on the website

c. Inappropriate content cannot be displayed on the website. The following is deemed inappropriate; this is not an exhaustive list, and The Montcalm Luxury Hotels has the right to terminate any site which is found to be inappropriate at any time:

Hate/offensive/violent content

Rude/pornographic content

Extreme religious or political content

Aesthetically unpleasing content

Abusive or irresponsible promotion of alcohol, tobacco or drugs

Use of the word “sex” gratuitously or excessively

Content aimed at children

Gambling, firearms, games of chance, and lotteries

The Montcalm Luxury Hotels does not pay cashback to consumers, unless specific agreement has been made. Any affiliate found to be operating on a cashback basis under The Montcalm Luxury Hotels affiliate programme will be terminated unless prior consent has been given


You can use The Montcalm Luxury Hotels logo on your site, but you must not amend it in any way. You will find a selection of the brand logos available once you have signed up to the programme.

CLOSED PPC POLICY. Affiliates are not permitted to bid on any keyword that contains the name or misspelt name, of any of the Montcalm Luxury Hotels portfolio of brands.

Brand bidding is not allowed. Affiliates are not allowed to bid on the keyword “The Montcalm Luxury Hotels”, misspellings or combinations on any search engines.

Affiliates MUST NOT register, buy or use domains including any brand names pertaining to The Montcalm Luxury Hotels, misspellings and/or variations.

Affiliates MUST NOT create a website that impersonates The Montcalm Luxury Hotels website.

Affiliates MUST NOT register/buy or use domains that users may believe are part of The Montcalm Luxury Hotels

Closed keyword marketing policy.


If you join you will earn commission on a qualifying transaction, which is a valid hotel booking made on www.themontcalm.com. This must be within the 30 day cookie period and your link must be the last one used to direct the customer to make their booking on www.themontcalm.com

You will earn commission on completed stay for bookings made on www.themontcalm.com: commission will only be paid for stays that have been checked out.

Commissions are paid on the net base sales amount for accommodation, excluding taxes. Additional charges for food and beverage services, as well as for any other additional services (F&B, laundry, etc.), are excluded. Please note that commissions are only paid after the customer has completed their stay, therefore in the event of a cancellation no cashback will be awarded. We only pay commissions for completed hotel stays.

www.themontcalm.com website users benefit from an online booking engine, an automated booking confirmation email with a unique booking reference number, as well as user friendly booking modification and cancellation options.

As an affiliate you receive your commission payments through the affiliate network.

You will not earn commission on:

Additional booking fees.

If the transaction is not made through the www.themontcalm.com booking engine.

If the transaction is completed offline through our call centres.

If the transaction is generated by a link that does not contain the correct tracking code.

If the booking is cancelled within the month of transaction.

If the booking is made via a PPC using branded keywords.


The following rate types are not commissionable under any circumstances:

Negotiated rates such as group tour, corporate rates

The Montcalm Luxury Hotels Loyalty Programme Members rates (The Montcalm Club)

Redemption bookings

Bookings that are made in conjunction with another offer


You are required to have consent from The Montcalm Luxury Hotels before any email marketing is undertaken; this applies to emails where entire email content, or substantial part thereof, is related to any of the portfolio of The Montcalm Luxury Hotels.


The Montcalm will not reward on any bookings that have a travel agency reference, corporate account code or The Montcalm Club reference in the booking.
We would be delighted to work with you. Should you require any further information please contact us at: affiliates@themontcalm.com.