Night Auditor

Job Title: Night Auditor

Responsible To: Night Manager

Salary: Competitive

Hotel Name: The Montcalm Hotel

Location: London

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Receive pass-over from the Late Duty Manager.
  • Count management safe and sign float book.
  • Deal with late check ins.
  • Ensure that the building is secure.
  • Control of the switchboard.
  • Ensure that the Night GSS duties are carried out efficiently and all public and back of house areas are maintained to a very high standard.
  • Generate Opera Balance and Room Rate Report.
  • Follow the list of Night Audit procedures and generate the relevant reports for the relevant departments.
  • Cash up the bar, dealing with all forms of payment.
  • Run the relevant back-up and sign the logbook, inform management and accounts of any discrepancies.
  • Programme early morning calls and organise taxis and ensure ordered newspapers are ready.
  • Count float and drop any cash taken.
  • Pass over to the early GSS Reception and Early Duty Manager.


  • Must have a flexible schedule.
  • Understand and appreciate diversity with colleagues and guests.
  • Ability to multi-task and psrioritize.
  • Knowledge of Opera is preferable.

If you are interested in joining our dedicated team, please contact our Human Resources department for further information: