Body Treatments

Relaxing Ritual By Montcalm2h 30 min – £250.00

Give in to soothing relaxation, as you feel the tensions and stresses expertly erased with this ultra-indulgent treatment that is no less that a pampering chocolate caress. After a tropical foot ritual, the body is gently exfoliated preparing it for the deep nourishment of an indulgent chocolate massage and wrap. You may also choose to add a Thalgo facial massage to complete the experience of soul satisfying indulgence. When you emerge from the treatment you enjoy an rejuvenated and revitalised feeling with deeply purified skink and a relaxed and stress free mind.

Shaping Back Ritual1h – £140.00

Your back is your strength and holds your posture. This is also where the everyday stresses and tensions accumulate as stiff muscles. The Shaping Back Ritual is the perfect way to relax and revive the muscles in your back. The ritual starts with a deep cleansing with a revitalising salt scrub and is followed by a Polynesian mineral and detox body wrap, This wrap works deep within the skin to nourish and purify, and is finished with a deeply relaxing southern oil massage. Make the most of this treatment by spending up to an hour in our steam and sauna rooms.

Sensitive Touch Ritual (detoxing/relaxing/energising)45 min – £80.00

The perfect touch is the key to a deeply invigorating massage. The Sensitive Touch Ritual offers just that with an intense and deep relaxation. The ritual begins with a gentle exfoliation with revitalising sea salts. After exfoliation the skin is ready to imbibe the moisturising goodness of the massage oils. The aromatherapy styled massage works out the stress and stiffness from the muscles in your back, neck and shoulders. Based on your choices and requirements the therapists will tailor the massage to be a detoxing, relaxing or energising experience.

Body Exfoliation 30 min – £60.00

The skin is an amazing natural shield that protects the body from dirt, pollution and the stresses of modern day life. Although the skin is self-renewing, the daily wear and tear does take its toll and skin deserves to be well looked after. Our highly trained therapists deliver a magic touch of rejuvenation and can help restore damaged skin. The treatment is centred on the cleansing and reviving wonders of exfoliation. The all-over exfoliation works wonders by purifying the skin. As a result you skin breathes better and feels healthier, leaving you with visibly improved complexion and radiant glow.

3 Algae Body Wrap by Thalgo1h – £110.00

Thalgo are masters in the art of Thalassotherapy, using sea water and sea products to revive the skin. Thalgo’s patented Micronized Marine Algae (MMA) is highly rich in active healing ingredients that are imbibed into the skin as micro-particles. This form of therapy is said to be very effective in treating skin conditions, rheumatism, excess weight and arthritis. Treatment beings with a welcome massage the lulls you in to deep relaxation and an exfoliation prepares the skin to absorb the healing nourishment from the nutrient rich seaweed body wrap that follows. This patented sea weed wrap is rich in minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients. All of these help to activate circulation, increase metabolism and relieve aches and pains.

Merveille Arctique Spa Ritual1 hr 45min – £180.00

Chocolate Body Wrap1 hr – £110.00