Brick Lane

A massive market near Liverpool Street, Brick Lane offers a little bit of everything – from furniture and bric-a-brac, through to clothing, accessories and fresh ingredients.

One of the main lures of this sprawling market is the array of street food and restaurants. So why not try a new twist on an old favourite or sample something from a far-off land that you’ve never eaten before?

Church Street

Situated in the heart of Westminster, Church Street Market has been around since the early 1830s. These days, it’s open Monday to Saturday and features more than 200 stalls.

This bustling space offers a variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as meat, fish, poultry and dairy products. You may also find handcrafted breads, delicious cakes and other sweet treats.

Greenwich Market

Situated in heart of Greenwich and only a short walk from top sights like the Cutty Sark and Maritime Museum, this market is a favourite for antiques, locally made crafts and jewellery.

But while you may come for the shopping, you’ll want to stay for the food. Indeed, there are a number of street food vendors selling freshly made fare from around the world.