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Thanksgiving in London

If you are in London in the second half of London this November, experience the American tradition of Thanksgiving in London. The event takes place on the fourth Thursday in November (in 2018, the date is 22 November). It is a time when family members and friends join up for a traditional feast of classic American dishes like turkey, chowder and pumpkin pie etc

While it is not on the calendar of official holidays in the UK, Londoners want an excuse to celebrate in style. Tourists, friends and American expats living in London come together for the Thanksgiving feast. There is a morning Thanksgiving service hosted at St Paul’s Cathedral, where people can join if they wish to.

To truly enjoy the occasion, book a fine Thanksgiving meal at one of the many American style restaurants around town, and finish it off with an even luxurious treat – a stay at one of the Montcalm hotels in London

Thanksgiving in London