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Celebrate diversity with Pride in London

Pride in London is a testament to the openness of accepting diversity in all its forms in London, with thousands of members of the LGBT community coming together to celebrate gay pride.

Held in the month of June, it is a month-long extravaganza featuring live free gigs in Trafalgar Square and the festival drawing to a close with the vibrant Pride parade in Central London, a short hop from most of the Montcalm chain of hotels in London. The festival showcases and celebrates the accomplishments of the LGBT community of the city and features a range of activities, cinema, theatre, art and of course fabulous parties across London.

The event has had more than a million participants in the past years and around 40,000 members, performers and dancers will be a part of this year’s event. The buzzing location of Soho is where the nights come alive with numerous events and parties at the clubs and bars in the area.

Celebrate diversity with Pride in London