Duty Manager

Job Overview

Duty Manager is in charge of a hotel’s daily operations. His/her job is to guarantee
optimum guest relations concurrent with managing and supervising departmental
managers and staff members. The duties of a duty manager include smooth
operation, security and monitoring of the hotel.

Location: Hotel Manager/ Front Office Manager

Main Duties & Responsibilities

  • Personally and frequently verifies that guests in his operation are receiving
    the best possible service available.
  • Schedules himself to be on the front during peak operation hours, checking
    on standards of services, and cleanliness, is greeting and assist in the check
    in of guests and escorts VIP guest to the room.
  • To constantly strive to please all guests that he may come into contact with.
  • Is responsible that employees project professionalism and are well trained
    and provide friendly and efficient service.
  • Ensure that corporate, divisional and departmental policies and procedures
    are adhered to at all levels.
  • Duty Manager liaise closely with other departments and emphasizes on
    excellent inter-departmental relations considering other departmental
    procedures and policies.
  • Delegate authority and responsibilities to direct subordinates without
    relinquish ultimate responsibility for the operation

  • To maintain all hotel records and forms as prescribed by established
    policies and procedures.
  • Takes appropriate decisions to tact emergencies, be they as a result of
    power outage, sudden breakdown of working equipment, delayed supplies
  • Can cope up with the ability to coach and mentor staff as well as being
    approachable. Has excellent attention to detail, Indicates a positive ‘can do
    attitude’, Strong leadership skills to be able to lead the team by example
  • Experience in Opera software.

If you are interested in joining our dedicated team, please contact our Human Resources department for further information: hrd@themontcalm.com