Do the Zoo in Luxury: Book a London Zoo Experience Package


There are few more fascinating, beguiling and glorious realms in which to lose yourself on Planet Earth than the animal kingdom. And among its myriad attractions, London provides visitors the opportunity to do just that. That’s because this bustling metropolis is the place to come to for one of the world’s biggest and most renowned zoos – ZSL London Zoo, located in the leafily green environs of the marvellous Regent’s Park.

London Zoo

And, thanks to the London Zoo Experience Package offered by The Montcalm at Marble Arch, you can enjoy a fantastic stay at the best quality accommodation anywhere in the city, while indulging your viewing pleasure when it comes to the natural world – because this special offer, designed as it is around the attraction that’s just down the road from us at The Montcalm, is all about making the very best of both venues.

London zoo

That’s because not only does it include overnight stay in any room in your chosen category, but also a one-day family pass at the zoo itself. Moreover, you’ll be able to start the day with a full English breakfast and take a pre-prepared snack box away with you (perfect for a lunchtime stop in between your roaming around the zoo’s exhibits).

London zoo

But why is this package really such a great deal? Just why is Regent’s Park Zoo such a terrific attraction? Well, celebrating its 170th anniversary this year, it comprises 750 different species, as well as fantastic, innovative and interactive exhibits designed specifically to engage and enthral children of, yes, all ages. Indeed, it’s largest experience is the sensational Land of the Lions, which enables visitors to get (relatively and entirely safely) up, close and personal with a breeding group of endangered Asiatic lions.

London Zoo

Tragically, only around 400 of these magnificent beasts now exist in the wild, but happily, via their state-of-the-art facilities in this enclosure, which offers fantastic views for visitors, this small coterie of the kings (and queens) of the jungle have the chance to play a pivotal role in, over time, boosting their numbers in the wild.

London Zoo Bus

However, in addition to the lions, there’s so much more to see and do at this veritably brilliant venue. In fact, you can plan your whole day around its daily activities. Mornings can be spent with penguins as presenters give you the lowdown on the loveable Antarctic avians; midday with the Sumatran tigers as they laze about in the sun; lunchtime with the fabulously playful and über-cute short-clawed otters; early-afternoon with the zoo’s incredible invertebrates courtesy of Megabugs Live!; mid-afternoon with those mammals that love nothing more than burrowing underground and then popping back up again, namely the porcupines, the mongooses and – oh yes – the meerkats; and, finally, late-afternoon with the place’s tallest residents, as you pop along to the Giraffe High Tea.

So then, ZSL London Zoo is truly the ultimate attraction for animal lovers – and this special package offered by The Montcalm is the very best way to enjoy it… and savour it forever afterwards.