Where to shop in London for a Spring outfit

Spring outfit

With spring fast approaching and the weather beginning to warm up, tourists and shoppers in London will be looking to take advantage of the city’s famous shopping districts in search of a new outfit.

Make the most of your time at our 5 star city hotels London by exploring the city’s high streets and marketplaces. Whether you’re in need of a whole new wardrobe or just a few accessories, these are the must-see shopping locations near The Marble Arch by Montcalm London.


Brompton Road, London

No shopping trip in London would be complete without stepping into the city’s most famous department store. What started out as a humble grocer has now become one of the most popular shopping destinations in the world. Tourists and famous celebrities from all over make their way to Harrods every week to browse the wide selection of luxury fashion labels and high-end boutiques. If you’re planning to splash out during your stay at The Marble Arch by Montcalm London, there’s no better place to treat yourself than this multi-floor fashion paradise.

Camden Town

Camden, London

If luxury high street brands aren’t your thing and you prefer to stand out of the crowd, you’ll be in your element in Camden Town. It is one of London’s most vibrant areas and as you explore the high streets and marketplaces, you’ll discover a plethora of indie boutiques and alternative fashion retailers. Camden is known for being a cultural hotspot where a number of fashion trends were born. From vintage jeans and jackets to gothic-style evening wear, there are all sorts of hidden treasures to discover in Camden Town.

Old Spitalfields Market

Horner Square, London

If you’re looking for the type of unique boutiques and chic fashion retailers that London is famous for, be sure to check out Old Spitalfields Market during your time in the city. As one of the oldest places of trade in London, the market has cultivated a huge following and is one of the go-to destinations for shoppers and fashion lovers. As you explore the covered marketplace, you’ll find a number of independent dealers and designers that can only be found in Old Spitalfields. If you’re looking for new shoes, head over to Cheaney. If you’re in need of a new evening outfit, check out the amazing selection at Collectif.

Oxford Street

Westminster, London

There are few streets in the country that are quite as well known to fashion lovers as Oxford Street. The iconic high street has become one of the most popular places in the world for shoppers. If you’re planning to go for a new style this spring and you’re in need of a new wardrobe, you’ll be spoilt for choice as you stroll down Oxford Street. With a huge range of upscale boutiques and high street fashion designers, there’s something to match everyone’s style and budget.