Where to find the famous skyscrapers of London


As the largest city in the UK, London is home to some of the biggest and most famous buildings in the world. Over the last century, the city has grown with the addition of several breath-taking skyscrapers and towers.

As you explore the area around our Central London hotels, you’ll come across all kinds of incredible structures that stretch high above the city skyline. If you’re looking for photo opportunities, here are some of the best ones within reach of the Montcalm Hotel.

The Gherkin

St Mary Axe, London

This oddly-shaped skyscraper is one of the most iconic buildings in London and has become a go-to place for tourists and photographers. The unique curved design has led to it being dubbed the Gherkin by locals. It is located in the heart of the city’s bustling financial district and is home to a number of offices and businesses. Construction of the building began in 2001 and it took two years to complete.

The Shard

London Bridge Street, London

A list of famous London buildings wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Britain’s tallest building. The Shard is one of the newest additions to the city’s skyline and one of the most astonishing architectural designs in the world. Take a stroll across the famous London Bridge and snap a photo as you stand at the foot of the incredible glass tower. Be sure to take a trip up the Shard to the viewing floor during your stay at the Montcalm Hotel.

The Walkie-Talkie

Fenchurch Street, London

This is another building in London that has been given a nickname thanks to its unique shape and appearance. This curved square skyscraper is located in the centre of the historic Square Mile and is nestled between a number of other iconic structures and attractions. Standing at 160m high, it isn’t the city’s tallest tower but it stands out proudly thanks to its quirky shape. This is a must-see if you’re travelling around the City of London.

The Scalpel

Lime Street, London

As you explore London’s financial district, you won’t see this particular tower yet. This ultra-modern skyscraper is still under construction but is set to be complete mid-2018. When it’s finished, the glass tower will measure at 190m tall and will provide commercial space for some of the biggest brands in the world. The designers of the skyscraper have pre-emptively nicknamed it thanks to the clean, sharp structure. If you’re travelling to London in 2018, be sure to check this out.

Providence Tower

Fairmont Avenue, London

Take a walk down to Canary Wharf and explore the banks of the mighty River Thames to find this work of architectural art. The 136m-high apartment building has 44 floors and is one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in London. The way the building has been designed makes it look like a giant game of Jenga. The tower is part of a modern residential area that blends beautifully into the riverside architecture.