What to see at the V&A Museum this month

V and A museum

For over 150 years, the Victoria and Albert Museum has been at the heart of London’s creative industry. Today the institute gets millions of visitors every year and showcases the best work from the worlds of art and design.

An afternoon at the V&A Museum is a must for any art fans or students of design planning a trip to our luxury hotels in London City Centre. After enjoying a cup of Montcalm afternoon tea, venture over to Cromwell Road to check out some of this month’s incredible exhibitions and events.

Winnie the Pooh: Exploring a Classic

Learn about the history of the world’s most beloved bear as you journey through the storybook world of Winnie the Pooh. Hear about how E.H. Shepard came up with the iconic character designs and listen to anecdotes about A.A. Milne’s creative process. Since first being introduced to the world, Winnie the Pooh has touched the lives of millions of children around the world. This exhibit offers you incredible insight into the history of the brand and how it spawned things like fashion, ceramics and artwork.

Fashion Collection

Fashion fanatics and fans of design will not want to miss out on the V&A Museum’s extensive fashion collection. With garments ranging from trousers and shoes to jackets and accessories, you’ll find all sorts of hidden gems here. The collection showcases fashion trends from the last century with iconic outfits from every decade. If you’re a designer or a student of fashion, this incredible collection of clothing is sure to give you an inspirational boost and get your creative juices flowing.

Paintings Collection

The V&A Museum boasts one of the most comprehensive and extensive collections of paintings in London. With over 2000 miniatures and a vast collection of classic watercolours, art lovers will feel right at home as they explore the hall. Some of the most notable pieces include ‘The Miraculous Draught of Fishes’ by Raphael, ‘A Newfoundland Dog’ by Sir Edwin Landseer and ‘Disappointed Love’ by Francis Danby.


As one of the latest exhibitions to feature at the V&A Museum, Eclectic brings to light some of the incredible pieces from the Julie and Robert Breckman Print Fund. Artists and designers will love browsing this unique collection of designs that span a multitude of different mediums and formats. The central focus is on 19th-century print designs on posters, packaging, playing cards and many other formats. Discover work by renowned artists such as Lucian Freud and Damien Hirst as you peruse the collection.

Into the Woods: Trees in Photography

Nature is the inspiration behind this particular exhibit and the beautiful work within it. Trees have been a focal point for artists and photographers for generations and Into the Woods looks to explore this concept by showcasing a series of photographs by the industry’s best and brightest. The poetry of the leaves, the rural colours and the twisting shapes of the branches are some of the topics explored in the exhibit.