A Trip through Wartime London

National Army Museum

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Unfortunately, the history of London is peppered with conflict and war. Over the centuries there have been countless battles and military confrontations that have taken place in and around the city. Many of the famous monuments and landmarks around London have been named after iconic battles or famous military leaders.

Here at The Montcalm at The Brewery London City, we love the rich history of the city and we think it’s important to pay respect to those who sacrificed themselves to protect the city. There are plenty of places to reflect on London’s military timeline and learn more about how the city was a platform for conflict for centuries. Follow this helpful guide and check out some of these top wartime attractions for a unique look at London’s past.

National Army Museum

Royal Hospital Road, London

Located in the heart of London, the National Army Museum is where you’ll find official exhibits from the British Army archive. Trace the roots of the army all the way back to 1066 as you browse an unrivalled collection of artefacts and memorabilia. Learn about every major conflict throughout Britain’s history and how tactics, weaponry and equipment have evolved over the centuries. This is a great educational experience for children if you’re planning to bring the kids along to our London city suites.

Imperial War Museum

Imperial War Museum

Lambeth Road, London

If you really want to learn about London’s conflict history there’s no better place to start than the Imperial War Museum. The exhibits at the museum include artefacts, weaponry and documentation from the biggest and most notorious conflicts in British history. Learn about how London dealt with the Blitz and how the effects of the Great War affected the country for decades. The Imperial War Museum puts you inside the mind of some of the country’s bravest soldiers with an exhibit which features stories and letters written during conflicts over the last 100 years.

Churchill War Rooms

Churchill War Rooms

Westminster, London

During the German bombing runs that tore apart London’s infrastructure, the country’s leaders retreated to an underground bunker in order to mount Britain’s defence and plan attacks. That bunker was known as the Churchill War Rooms and was once the centre of operations for the duration of the Second World War. Today the series of underground tunnels and bunkers are open to the public as a museum. Venture underground and browse a unique collection of antique equipment and documentation as you learn about the decisions made which later won the war.

HMS Belfast

The Queen’s Walk, London

This famous Navy vessel was initially built as a light cruiser that was used for conflict resolution missions around the world. Today it is permanently moored on the River Thames where it offers visitors a chance to learn more about the history of the Royal Navy. The floating museum is a wonderland for anyone interest in naval engineering or modern technology.