Travellers prioritise fitness


Travelling business men and women looking for 5 star hotels in London hold wellness facilities as a high priority, according to a new survey by Regus.

Over a quarter (27 per cent) of business travellers said they pack fitness wear for spa and gym facilities in hotels.

Australians were most likely to pack fitness wear at 47.1 per cent, followed by just under 40 per cent for Americans and nearly 34 per cent for travellers from Hong Kong, but only 14.4 per cent for Japanese visitors.

However, Japanese travellers were the most likely to bring a gift for their local contact, at nearly 30 per cent, while just under 40 per cent of Chinese jet-setters said they pack video games and over 26 per cent bring a good luck charm.

Across all countries, the most common item brought while travelling was a book at 49 per cent and the report detailed stranger items such as toilet bowl lids, salted fish and even Tibetan daggers.

“The weird and wonderful things people were found to take on business trips, from fitness equipment to favourite foods and objects, often reveal how personal and professional lives struggle to co-exist in today’s high pressured work environment,” commented Hans Leijten, the company’s regional vice president for East Asia.

“Evidently, the line between business and pleasure is blurring with more people feeling they need to take a bit of home away with them. This may well be because people are working more and more in flexible workspaces, so they like to have something with them that adds the personal touch wherever they are.”

Visitors looking for luxury spas in London would be well advised to consider Montcalm hotel’s facilities, which boast saunas, massages and a fully equipped fitness centre.
The fitness centre has an indoor swimming pool, treadmills, elliptical trainers, fitness bikes and multi-press units.

Situated in the heart of London, nearby the Marble Arch underground station and Hyde Park, the Montcalm hotel provides easy access to areas across the city.