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Highgate Cemetery

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The architecture in London is world famous for its beautiful design and historic value. The buildings, attractions and landmarks around the city are full of history and cultural significance. Some of the biggest and oldest cemeteries in the country can be found in London, with sites that date back hundreds of years. The cemeteries throughout the city are more than just a place for loved ones to lay in rest, they’re beautiful landmarks full of gorgeous sculptures, monuments and greenery. We’ve put together a guide that highlights some of the most historic and beautiful cemeteries around the city for you to visit.

Abney Park

With a magnificent Egyptian-inspired entrance this historic resting place is known for its idyllic natural scenery and intricate architecture. The use of ancient design styles to create monuments and statues has resulted in a luxurious haven of peace and quiet. The landscape was designed by George Loddiges who covered the grounds with colourful exotic plants and greenery to create a truly unique setting. The series of wildflowers and fauna were carefully placed around the grounds in alphabetical order so that local visitors could learn more about the foreign species of plant. The Abney Park cemetery was built way back in 1840 and is located just a short trip north from the Montcalm at the Brewery. Stroll through the resting place of famous residents like William and Catherine Booth to see the beauty and history that the grounds have to offer.

Kensal Green

Built in 1833, this is one of London’s oldest resting places and is home to tens of thousands of graves and monuments. Stroll through the 72 acres at Kensal Green and get lost in the natural beauty of its amazing greenery and plant life. The grounds are home to all kinds of wildlife including over 33 different types of bird. When the cemetery was initially built it was specifically for members of the Church of England, but a separate section was added for deserters and those of other faiths. The large gravel pathways that run through the cemetery were designed for horse carts and carriages, which makes getting around the grounds very easy.


This historic cemetery is home to some of the greatest minds in British history. Famous residents include the philosopher and political icon Karl Marx and writer of the cult classic ‘Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy’, Douglas Adams. What makes Highgate Cemetery so special is down to its location, which gives visitors amazing views of the city. During the Victorian era the grounds had to be expanded by a further 20 acres because of how popular it became with local residents in search of the best resting place for their loved ones. The original west grounds have been closed to the public and can now only be visited if you take part in a guided tour, which is highly recommended if you’re staying at our luxury hotel and you want to learn about the history of the city’s most famous cemetery.