Top Reasons to Attend Frieze Art Fairs 2019

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When you think of London, what do you think of? Is it distinct neighbourhoods, each with their own character and bustle? Expansive green spaces that make you feel as if you aren’t in a city at all? Perhaps the architecture with the skyline as distinctive as that of New York, with its signature mix of the old and new? Food perhaps, seduced by the booming street food scene, experimental chefs and world class food markets? For many it’s all of these things plus one key addition; the arts.

There is no doubt that London is a cultural hub and an epicentre for all things art, from street art to performance art, comedy to theatre, it all happens here. Sitting right at the heart of this thriving, hugely inspirational scene is art itself. The city is home to hundreds of art galleries and exhibition venues– spaces which curate and collect amazing collections. You’re just as likely to find the old masters as you are an exciting emerging talent.

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If you visit the Montcalm Hotel London this month, you’ll get to see that affinity for portraiture, paint, photography, sculpture and drawings come to life as the internationally acclaimed Freize Art Fair comes to town.

Still on the fence about snapping up one of our London hotels special offers to coincide with the fair? Read on for our top reasons to do just that…

1. It brings together the best artistic talent in the world

The Frieze Art Fairs bring together no less than 1000 of the top artists in the world right now – so whether you’re a long time art lover, want to delve into all things culture while staying at the Barbican Rooms by Montcalm or have a sudden urge to experience art close at hand, it doesn’t get much better than Frieze London.

2. You can delve into the history of art, in one place

Taking place 3-6 October, Frieze London is your one-stop event to delve into the history of art, from the old masters and familiar names you’ll know right up to contemporary talent. It’s a super convenient way to explore art as a subject without having to visit multiple different museums and galleries around the city. Instead, art in all of its forms is presented for your enjoyment in one space.

3. It takes place at Regent’s Park

Whether you’re planning a first stay with us at the Montcalm Hotel London or simply didn’t have time to take in all of the city’s sights and attractions on previous visits, you can kill two birds with one stone by visiting Frieze London.

This year’s event takes place in Regent’s Park, one of the eight Royal Parks dotted about the city. This park is particularly beautiful in the autumn and is reason alone to plan your trip to Frieze. The park has 395 acres of wide open spaces and tree lined pathways, there’s a picturesque boating lake, elegant flower beds and more than 12,000 fragrant roses in Queen Mary’s Gardens, within the park.

With Frieze taking place here in October, you’re assured a convenient afternoon of culture and nature – the perfect way to work up an appetite in fact before heading back for dinner and drinks at Hankies Montcalm.

It’s less than a 20-minute walk from Regent’s Park to Hankies Montcalm, where a smorgasbord of Delhi-style Indian sharing plates and delectable cocktails await.

4. It’s a wonderful chance to see the master’s up close and personal

If you’ve ever wanted to be in the presence of creative genius, you’ll definitely want to add a trip to Frieze London to your October city break itinerary. As part of this year’s fair, the organisers have worked with 130 leading galleries from the four corners of the world to showcase exquisite pieces from ancient times and the Old Masters. As per the fair’s own description, this is a unique chance to experience firsthand “several thousand years of art history in a contemporary setting”. It’s a truly one of a kind event for those serious about the arts.

5. You can also discover uniquely talented contemporary artists

The Spotlight section of Frieze London is reason enough to book your tickets if you’re a modern art enthusiast. This part of the fair highlights the work of the 20th century’s most iconic, inspiring and pioneering avant-garde artists.

6. There’s a whole section for ambitious young galleries too

One of the fantastic things about Frieze London, especially if you’re staying with us at the Barbican Rooms by Montcalm with people who don’t necessarily love traditional art, is the Focus area. This programme brings together a slew of ambitious projects from emerging artists around the globe. The works are sourced from galleries less than 16 years old and include installations from 19 countries including the USA, Germany, China and Denmark.

In this part of Frieze London, some of the highlights to be on the lookout for include Rest is the Best Way of Revolution by Tang Dixin which employs live body casts in performance art. From Company Gallery, New York, Troy Michie presentation is super contemporary, focusing on African American and Latinx cultural experience, immigration and queerness.

7. Freize London will host a new themed section focused on textiles looking at contemporary art and tradition

This year’s Frieze London event will usher in a new themed section called Woven. This themed section is dedicated entirely to textiles and will showcase presentations by a range of international artists. Frieze London organisers charged Cosmin Costinas who is an art critic, a writer and director of Hong Kong’s Para Site with selecting the artists and pieces to spotlight. He says this is a must for all art fans explaining, “Together these eight solo presentations will make visible the histories and continuous legacies of the colonial catastrophe, from the economies around textiles to current forms of exploitation and political complicity, as well as point to the various languages available to artistic practice in this critical effort.”