Top Four Unusual Photo Spots London


When it comes to why London attracts so many millions of visitors every year, it’s not just about the history and the buzz of the city. Certainly, that’s a big part of why people come, but they also come because London is a treasure trove of amazing sights and architecture.

And what that means for keen photographers is a raft of unusual settings, ripe for taking some unforgettable snaps. Whether you’re a fully-kitted pro or a keen Instagram user, London offers unique, breath-taking photo opportunities. That’s why we’ve put together this list of four of the most unusual photo spots – and they’re all easy to get to from Montcalm at the Brewery.

Natural History Museum

While the Natural History Museum is worth a visit no matter what, it provides some stunning opportunities for both exterior and interior photography.

natural history museum

The building itself is a testament to Victorian design and their borderline obsession with classic architecture. But the museum wasn’t supposed to look like this initially. It was architect Alfred Waterhouse who disregarded the original designs and instead opted for something more Romanesque. And we can be thankful to Waterhouse for making the change because the exterior of the museum makes for some fantastic shots.

The inside, with its sweeping staircases and fine detailing, are also breath-taking examples of the architectural influences of the time. And that’s before you even get to the exhibitions. Best of all, the Natural History Museum is easy to reach from the many Montcalm hotels London.

Royal Albert Hall

With its domed construction and exterior pillars and archways, Royal Albert Hall is another spectacular example of Victorian design and execution.

Royal Albert Hall

When it comes to grabbing some snaps, Royal Albert Hall is beautiful during the day, but it’s the evening and night when you’ll want to visit for the best photos. As evening falls, the hall comes to life with golden exterior lighting, giving the place an almost amber colour. For the perfect day, treat yourself to Montcalm afternoon tea, and then head out on your photography pilgrimage to the Royal Albert Hall.

Tate Modern

Housed inside a former power station, the Tate Modern is a great place to photograph if you have an eye for industrial design and high-contrast angles.

Tate Modern

It’s a unique building, showing how London does an amazing job of fusing the old and the modern. And, even better, the Tate Modern is fine with allowing photography inside the gallery, which means you can also grab some snaps of the latest modern art installations and pieces.

Getting there only takes about 20-minutes by tube from Montcalm at the Brewery, and it’s the ideal spot if you love excellent building design and modern art.


As one of the hippest and coolest areas in all of London, Shoreditch offers a raft of fantastic photo opportunities. And it’s just a quick hop from the many Montcalm hotels London.

baker street

The main area of focus for your camera will probably be the area’s vibrant street art scene. Unlike some places, Shoreditch preserves and promotes its street art, with the best artists in the medium coming from around the world to add to the kaleidoscope of creativity on show.

If you want some photographs of the real London – creative, modern, cool – then Shoreditch is the place to visit.