Montcalm hotel spa

A visit to the spa can have a transformative effect on your lifestyle, freeing you from the stresses and strains of everyday life and providing a delightful pause from big city living, but it’s always best to plan your spa breaks, London trip well to avoid missing any treatments you want to try.

Spa breaks are all the rage, and The Montcalm London has some of the best spa treatments available. Spa visits are certainly relaxing and restorative, but they generally involve breaks of only a few days, leaving you little time to waste! Getting the best out of your spa visit can mean many things, including making sure you try the top spa treatments available. Read on to find out the top three unmissable spa treatments to try this summer!

Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment

Facials are a mainstay of every quality spa, and The Montcalm has one of the best facials available anywhere! For a completely indulgent treat which both your skin and your mind will thank you for, try the Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment. Running from an hour to an hour and a half depending on your preferences, this treatment will provide unbeatable nourishment to all skin types. Particularly developed for treating tricky skin complaints such as pigmentation, premature ageing, dryness, uneven skin tone and scarring, the Advanced Active Vitamin Treatment provides real, measurable results. Vitamins A, C and a blend of carefully cultivated anti-oxidants are driven deep below the surface layers of the skin with the aid of small, harmless electrical pulses. By taking a scientific approach to skincare, collagen is stimulated and lines and wrinkles softened, while the elasticity of skin and overall radiance are heightened.

  • Prices from £90 for 1 Hour / 1 Hour 30 mins – £120

Thalgo Sea & Senses Hot Stone Body Treatment (including exfoliation)

Hot stone treatments have long been trusted as a way to melt away excess tension and ease muscle soreness. As a means of increasing metabolism and providing a vital boost to the circulatory system, hot stone treatments provide both a full body massage and the treatment itself, encouraging blood flow throughout the body and promoting a sense of wellbeing.

The deeply relaxing Thalgo Sea & Senses Hot Stone Body Treatment will soothe aching muscles with marine hot stones. Following a full body exfoliation, warm volcanic stones are applied to specific areas of the body, relaxing and eliminating toxins.

  • The treatment costs £95 for 1 Hour 15 mins.

Capsule Rituals

Montcalm’s capsule rituals provide unique ‘mini’ spa rituals to mix and match, providing the ideal customizable spa experience to suit your needs and budget. Whether going for an algae body wrap (30 mins for £45), a Hawaiian Head Massage (a 30 minute session costs £45), a Polynesian Body Scrub (30 minutes for £45), or the other massage and facial options on offer, you can be sure to find the right combination which works for you!