Three Pieces of London History Close to M by Montcalm London Shoreditch Tech City

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Today Shoreditch is known as perhaps the hippest area of the capital, providing fantastic street art, boutique shops and much more.

But Shoreditch is also close to many significant historical landmarks and, as a place rich in history, it has a lot to offer if you want to get out and explore the past of London. Even better, this proximity to historical sites means you’re in the perfect spot staying at M by Montcalm to see whatever takes your fancy.

So, with this in mind, let’s take a look at three close-by pieces of history you won’t want to miss.

Geffrye Museum

Only a short walk from your Montcalm Hotel, Geffrye Museum is a quirky, interesting place that somehow seems entirely at home in the eclectic atmosphere of Shoreditch.

Geffrye Museum

It’s a unique place, telling the evolving story of how Britons have lived since the 17th century up until the present day. The idea of Geffrye Museum’s approach is to offer visitors a step back in time to various periods of English domesticity and great insight into how people really used to live. It’s fascinating to move through the museum and see the refined, understated Georgian style give way to Victorian drama and a more outlandish approach to décor and living.

In terms of real London history and how people lived in the past, its an unbeatable experience.

Bunhill Fields

Cloistered and tucked away on City Road, Bunhill Fields is a part of London’s history that many people aren’t even aware exists. But it’s more than worth taking the trip from M by Montcalm to what is known as a ‘Dissenters’ Cemetery.’

The people buried at Bunhill Fields are there because they separated from the church of England, beginning in the 17th century. As such, they required their own burial place, and there are some very famous names in residence. Take a close look, and you might find the resting places of William Blake, Daniel Defoe and John Bunyan, who represent some of the greatest literary minds the country has ever produced.

It’s also a great place to escape the hustle and bustle of busier areas, offering calm and tranquil surroundings.

Christ Church Spitalfields

Christ Church Spitalfields

If you want to explore a real piece of London history and take in the work of one of Britain’s greatest ever architects, you need to visit Christ Church Spitalfields. Just a fifteen-minute walk from your Montcalm Hotel, it’s a stunning place and an underappreciated piece of London history.

Christ Church Spitalfields first came into being back in the early 1700’s, designed by none other than Nicholas Hawksmoor. Hawksmoor brought his usual genius to the design and construction, but the church was closed down in the 1950’s owing to safety concerns. It took decades of campaigning and cajoling to save the place from destruction and, today, Christ Church Spitalfields is fully-returned to its former glory. But it doesn’t serve as a church anymore – it’s a 640 capacity art gallery and concert hall, so be sure to check out what’s on before you make the short trip.