The Sound of Wellness

Gong Bath

Harnessing the power of sound healing with the Montcalm Gong Bath

The summer of 2018 was one of the best that London had ever seen. Just as Bryan Adams sang in “Summer of ‘69”, there was a lot about the sounds of this year’s summer that had us humming a new tune.


Guests, partners, a host of influencers, bloggers and friends gathered at two Gong Bath sessions, to experience the extraordinary effects of sound healing. Once an ancient eastern practice, the deeply soothing sensation of sound therapy was something new to London.

Guided by an experienced gong master, the sessions began with a sound warm up, as participants sitting in the lotus position brought mindfulness and breathing together by humming the sound of “aum” with slow, deep breathing techniques.

With the mind in a meditative state, participants got comfortable, lying on a yoga mat with a pillow and blanket to ensure optimum relaxation. The process of harnessing the power of the giant gong’s deeply calming vibrations could then begin, under the Gong Master’s expert guidance. Over the next hour, a wide spectrum of sounds and tones course through mind and body bringing healing goodness. Gong baths are said to benefit one’s health by reducing stress, enhancing sleep quality and easing chronic pain.


At the end of the session, as the sounds fade away and the room is slowly illuminated again, participants awake relaxed, refreshed and revitalised. To enhance the experience still further, there were delicious raw chocolate treats made with cocoa, cacao and raw coconut butter, all washed down with vegan and whey-free KIN protein shakes with bananas and almond milk.

Wellness done well, with a #MontcalmExperience.