The Sound of Relaxation

spa wellness treatment arrangement

Delving deeper into sound healing with a boost of ‘sonic vitamins’

An experience with sound healing at our October wellness session.

Following on from the Gong Bath sessions we hosted earlier this year, October’s Montcalm Wellness Session presented another opportunity to explore the power of sound healing to bring about improved wellbeing.

Across two sessions in October, our guests, partners, a host of influencers, bloggers and friends came together for yet another unique experience at The Montcalm Royal London House and The Montcalm London Marble Arch. Led by a sound healing expert who trained at the British Academy of Sound Healing, participants were in for a sonic treat emitted through luminescent crystal bowls.

The sessions began with a sonic warm up of chanting to help clear the mind and reach a meditative state. Aided by slow deep breathing techniques and the soothing sound of chimes, participants prepared their minds to welcome a new and exciting wellbeing experience.

Spa wellness treatment arrangement

With the mind in a meditative state, participants got comfortable with yoga mats, blankets and pillows to ensure ultimate relaxation, and let the symphony of sounds from the luminescent crystal bowls begin to work their magic.

As sound expert Nicola played a variety of frequencies from seven different crystal bowls, participants were treated to an altogether new and different experience. In our day-to-day lives our ears pick up different sounds and frequencies, often with each ear picking up a different range while the brain perceives them as a single sound.

The soothing sounds of the crystal bowls help to equalise this perception of sound, which in turn helps the brain and body relax. This almost Zen-like state of mind results in deeper and more effective relaxation and meditation, bringing body and mind together as one.

Still largely untapped, the potential of sound to heal and restore is an exciting idea ripe for exploration in the Montcalm Wellness Sessions. As well as an enhanced state of mind for more effective meditation, the expansive sounds emitted from crystal bowls are also said to heal the body’s deeper tissues.

Who knew a dose of sonic vitamins was just as effective – if not more so – as those daily tablets we take for boosting our wellbeing?

Wellness done right with a #MontcalmExperience.