The must-see museums for designers in London

design museum

Artists, designers and creatives from all over the world have found a home and inspiration in London over the centuries. The city is now home to a wide range of museums and institutions that celebrate this rich cultural history.

Whether you’re a fashion designer heading to the capital in search of inspiration or you’re an interior designer planning a city break at the Brewery Hotel London, these top design museums and galleries are the best places to explore the history of design and inspire new ideas for your work.

Design Museum

Kensington High Street, London

If you’re looking for design ideas, it doesn’t get much better than the Design Museum. The institution was established in 1989 in order to showcase the timeline of modern design across all industries. It is responsible for highlighting the most iconic works from history as well as the latest innovations in the world of design. From cutting-edge supercars to colourful children’s characters, you’ll discover a world of creativity as you explore the halls of the museum. If you only have time to visit one museum during your stay at the Montcalm at the Brewery, this should be it.

Cartoon Museum

Little Russel Street, London

The cartoons and animations we see in books and on TV today are a product of years of creative innovations and artistic evolution. Head over to the Cartoon Museum to explore the historic timeline of Cartoons and how they have become part of mainstream media. With over 5,000 books and 4,000 comics, you’ll get to learn about the journey of cartoons from Victorian political satire to modern animation. You’re sure to get inspired as you browse through the collection of comic strips, caricatures, character designs and animations.

Victoria and Albert Museum

Cromwell Road, London

As the world’s largest museum dedicated to the decorative art and design industries, the V&A Museum is a must see if you’re trying to get inspired or think of new designs. The gorgeous building is home to over 4.5 million items. If you work in fashion, you’ll love exploring the historic fashion exhibits. You’ll find a huge range of classic garments and contemporary clothing that will show you how the industry has adapted and evolved throughout history. The collection of artwork is also a must-see if you plan on visiting the V&A Museum.

Museum of Brands, Packaging and Advertising

Lancaster Road, London

Although this colourful and quirky museum often gets overlooked by tourists rushing to see the larger and more famous institutions, the MBPA is a must-see for designers. If you work in advertising or graphic design, there are plenty of things to inspire you at this museum. With a vast collection of iconic packaging, logo designs and graphics, the MBPA showcases the journey of modern media and the design trends that have changed the way people shop and interact over the last hundred years. From Coco Pops to Lego, this is a chance to see some of the best commercial designs in British history.