The Most Impressive, Experimental and Immersive Art On Show In London This Month (end of March – April)

Art On Show In London

London has always been a great destination for art lovers. Not only has the city frequently lead the way when it comes to producing incredible artists, it’s also home to some of the most iconic and most popular artistic venues anywhere in the world. This month is sure to be an exciting ones for art fans with a series of shows which are both impressive and absorbing making their way to the city. Here’s our pick of the very best…

Tracey Emin: A Fortnight of Tears

Until 7th April / White Cube Gallery

One of the foremost artists of the 90’s ‘Brit Art’ explosion, Tracey Emin’s latest exhibition is filled with her paintings, portraits, sculptures and more. The work is personal to Emin’s own life, handling complex topics like death, birth and pain. After witnessing such emotionally intense material, be sure to relax with a few drinks at the Aviary London – its elegant setting is the perfect finish to your artistic exploration.

Andy Warhol: Polaroid Pictures

Until 14th April 2019 / Bastian Gallery

The real power of Andy Warhol’s work lay in his ability to captivate both the art world and those with only a limited interest in art. He was also highly skilled at making himself an artistic subject. This series of personal Polaroids is certainly worth discovering while you enjoy your stay at Montcalm hotels, as it highlights Warhol’s ability to be both subject and auteur, sometimes simultaneously.

Pierre Bonnard: The Colour of Memory

Until 6th May 2019 / Tate Modern

This exhibition focuses on the work of Pierre Bonnard, who is best known for his dramatic use of colour. While staying at the Montcalm Royal London House, this is a fantastic opportunity to see the paintings of an artist who focused on depicting traditional French everyday life in all its bright, sun-tinged glory. The current exhibition is the first of its size gathering together Bonnard’s artwork, created between 1900-1947. There are around 100 pieces to marvel at, and the exhibition presents them in a chronological order, charting his development as an artist.

Dorothea Tanning

Until 9th June 2019 / Tate Modern

When most people think of surrealism, Tanning’s name is unlikely to be the first which springs to mind. However the artist built an impressive career spanning seven decades, and this is her first large exhibition for 25 years. With over 100 awe-inspiring works on display, this is a top London pick for art fans staying in the city.

Edvard Munch

Until 21st June 2019 / British Museum

Norwegian artist Edvard Munch may be best-known for his immersive artwork ‘The Scream’, but this exhibition shows he was a true artistic pioneer with a body of work which is well worth exploring. With a series of iconic images on display, this is one artist worthy of a closer look, and the exhibit marks the first time so many of Munch’s paintings have been showcased in the UK for almost 50 years.