The Montcalm’s 2019 Gift Giving Guide

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It is the most wonderful time of the year, and while the real treat is the abundance of love and community amidst the faint smell of chestnuts and mulled wine, everybody loves a good gift, too. When staying at a Montcalm property in London, you are never far from one of London’s iconic shopping districts, so here is our ultimate guide to shopping for your loved ones (and yourself!) this Christmas-time.

Weekend Getaway

Gift-giving does not need to be a material object, though there is no denying that diamonds are forever. Some people are far more likely to appreciate an experience-based gift and can you think of an experience more luxurious than a weekend getaway? Check out London Hotels Special Offers and treat your loved ones to a weekend in any of London’s delightful Montcalm properties.

(Check out our full list of properties in London here!)

Afternoon Tea

Keeping on the “experience” train of gift-giving, what better way to treat someone than to gift them a voucher for Montcalm Afternoon Tea? It checks all the boxes of a great gift because this is often something that people wouldn’t buy for themselves, yet would still relish in if gifted it. Gift your loved ones the opportunity to tuck into finger foods fit for the queen, wearing their finest floral blouse and enjoying cream and jam scones alongside a bubbling glass of fizz.


While of course gift-giving doesn’t need to be material, that doesn’t mean that it isn’t often a good bet. A luxury watch or timepiece is the kind of special gift that can last a lifetime and is suitable for all men, women and children in your life. You are best heading to one of London’s enormous and famous department stores to get a sense of the brands and watches available, like Harrods or Selfridges. There, you will find brands like Tag Heuer, Omega, Jaeger-LeCoultre and Rolex – some of the most prestigious names in the watch industry.


Book-giving is a personalised gift which doesn’t have to be costly – the real treasure in this exchange is the shared knowledge that you have picked something out especially for the person you are giving it to. Book shopping in London is a lively and quirky experience in itself, so finding the perfect book for your loved ones is a gifted experience to yourself before you have even paid for it. Head to Cecil Court in Covent Garden and prepare to have all your bookish needs met in one fell swoop. This street in Central London has been lovingly dubbed “Booksellers Row” because it is a street of exclusively bookshops. From antique map shops and first editions to secondhand collectable items and bestseller lists. There is something for everyone, you just need to know what they love.

Nintendo Switch Lite 

The 20th of September of this year saw the release of the new Nintendo Switch Lite, which is going to be all the technological rave this Christmas – not just for children, though you will have some happy campers if this appears under the Christmas tree on the 25th. This handheld game console promises the opportunity to play “anywhere, anytime, with anyone” and is a much more portable version of the Nintendo Switch which was released in 2017. The console comes in yellow, grey, and turquoise and can be bought at most tech and department stores across London, including GAME, Currys PC and Argos.

Spa Day

Spa days, like indulgent afternoon tea, can also be classified as the sort of thing someone will always love and appreciate but would not always get for themselves – this, ultimately, is what we think makes something a worthy gift. Treat your nearest and dearest with one, two, seven, unlimited (you get the picture) treatments at Montcalm Shoreditch Spa – it is the Christmas gift that keeps on giving, from the moment of presentation, through the anticipation phase, during the actual spa treatment and of course throughout the utterly blissful relaxation that follows.

Polaroid Camera 

Though many of the Boomer generation thought that polaroid cameras were a thing of their youth, these instant memory-makers have been and continue to make a comeback as the years go by – though admittedly the quality has improved since the 80s. Gifting someone a Polaroid camera this Christmas not only gives them a camera itself, but also a year full of memories ahead which they can print on the spot and cherish. If you gift this during your stay in the Montcalm in London, the person who receives it will have the pleasure of using it in the hotel and around London.

Whether they snap a picture of the whole family tucking into breakfast at the Montcalm Marble Arch at its charming Crescent Restaurant and Lounge, or of the frosted leaves scattered around Hyde Park, they will always remember their holiday and the great times shared at the Montcalm.You can purchase polaroid cameras at a number of places in London, including Urban Outfitters, Selfridges and CameraWorld Ltd.

Sweet treats

When in doubt, something sweet and edible always goes down well as a Christmas gift, from macarons to chocolate truffles. You will find Ladurée, a Parisian bakery chain all over London, has the most delicious macaroons available in the city. Head to any of their stores, pick out all the best flavours, and they will make up a beautiful box for you to take home as a gift. Alternatively, head to the award-winning Hotel Chocolat and buy boxes of their sumptuous products, from their Classic Christmas Collection to their champagne-flavoured truffles. Hotel Chocolat specialises in giftable chocolate, so you really can’t make a bad choice there.

So there you have it – a comprehensive Montcalm gift guide for 2019. Follow this guide and you will find yourself the most popular person besides the Christmas tree this Christmas. We have done the hard work for you; all you need to do is assess whether you think your friends and family are more experience-gift people who would love a weekend in a Montcalm spa, or if they prefer a piece of jewellery or the latest technology. Either way, your options are plentiful in London this December.