Tate Minecraft Project Unveiled


Tate has stepped into Minecraft, the computer game where people create worlds with blocks.

Working with top in-game map makers, it has created Tate Worlds, Minecraft areas which take their inspiration from the Tate Collection’s art.

People playing Minecraft on their Mac or PC will soon be able to access Tate Worlds, with the debut maps set for release November 24th.

Players will be able to do things like look around and take on challenges within the maps, which are free to download.

The two initial Tate Worlds are themed around cities, with the artworks behind them being The Pool of London by Andre Derain (made in 1906) and Soul of the Souless City, by Christopher Nevinson (made in 1920).

Following these, an additional six maps are set to come out during the next twelve months. These will be themed around things like ‘Fantasy’, ‘Play’ and ‘Destruction.

Artworks chosen to provide inspiration for upcoming maps include The Toy Shop by Peter Blake and Carnation, Lily, Lily, Rose by John Singer Sargent.

“Minecraft is a wonderful game which embraces imagination and creativity. It has captivated millions of children and young people across the world. In playfully reimagining art in Tate Worlds for Minecraft we hope to introduce a new generation to inspirational works from Tate’s collection,” said Tare Media creative director, Jane Burton.

Tate Worlds: Soul of the Soulless City is set in New York, during the 20s. It starts with a train ride passing famous landmarks, and involves the likes of a skyscraper building activity.

Tate Worlds: The Pool of London is set in 1900s London, begins at London Bridge and takes in the likes of The Tower of London.

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