Taking an Architectural Tour of The Barbican? Here Are A Few Things to Look Out For

barbican center

The Barbican in London has been dividing opinion for decades. Many people see the building as an eyesore that ruins the appearance of the city whereas others herald it as a building of high architectural importance.

However you look at it, the Barbican is most certainly an important London landmark. It hosts an array of events in art and design, cinema and music and therefore is a crucial part of the city’s rich artistic heritage.

This summer, the Barbican will not only be throwing open its doors to the arts and global music community once more but, it’s also inviting visitors to the city to discover more about its history and design in an engaging and informative tour.

If you are planning a stay at the Montcalm London and fancy finding out more about the Barbican, here are a few things you’ll want to look out for during the tour.

Bold and Brutal

Created in the brutalist style, the Barbican estate was designed by Chamberlin, Powell & Bon which is now considered one of the most important modernist architectural firms in post-war England, so it’s well worth a visit during your stay at the Montcalm Royal London House.

Built in 1954, the series of buildings with its various nooks and crannies certainly raised a few eyebrows following its construction and continues to do so to this day. A grade II listed building, the estate does have historical importance and is an iconic part of the London landscape regardless of its striking looks.

Amazing acoustics

It is no accident that the Barbican is now a popular venue for musical events as great care was taken to create the perfect acoustics when the designs were first created.

Those staying a little longer at the Montcalm Royal London House might be lucky enough to catch one of the many performances that take place here each week to hear the fantastic sound quality that this enormous concrete structure creates, so why not make a night of it with a visit to the Aviary London restaurant with its stunning skyline views before taking your seats for the evening?

A hidden oasis of calm

Although built from concrete, it is possible to find a few small spaces on the architectural tours that show how the designers wanted to create a sense of escape and serenity despite the building’s imposing looks.

The tranquil lakeside terrace is one such space along with hidden leafy courtyards that mark a direct contrast with the rest of the labyrinthine building.

Getting to the Barbican

Reaching the Barbican from the Montcalm London is easy, simply hop on the Tube and head for the Barbican station using the Victoria line.

If you fancy a stroll, you can reach your destination in just over ten minutes on foot making it easy to meet up in time for your tour of this amazing piece of London architecture.