Tackle London Like a Pro With These 10 Must-Have Apps

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Got a smartphone? If yes, read on. If no, then get one because here come 10 must-have apps for visitors to London.

Selected from the dozens of first-class iOS and Android offerings to visitors to one of the world’s biggest cities, these apps will help you become better acquainted with what London has to offer, all from the comfort of your London City Suites.

So without further ado, Montcalm Hotels Group- including Montcalm Royal London House and several other hotels perfectly located throughout the city – present 10 apps that we think will serve you well throughout your stay in London.

  1. Tourist App: Visit London

Visit London is a free city guide application that lists attractions and eateries within easy reach of your current location. An offline map shows similar details. From the app, you can book tours and attractions. You can even fashion your own personal map complete with a timetable of all the things you want to visit and the places you most want to see.

  1. Tourist App: Natural History Museum

The Natural History Museum App is a must-have for people visiting the museum – which we highly recommend. The app tells you all about the museum and explains the origins and thinking behind all of the exhibitions. From Roman sandals to pieces of the old London Bridge, learn all about London’s turbulent past with this great Natural History Museum smartphone app.

  1. Transport App: Citymapper

For transport apps look no further than Citymapper. The number one London app and arguably the best tube map around. You may be a whizz at reading maps but sometimes map books get a little confusing. Try Citymapper and save time and energy on your travels. An easy app to navigate the city, the Citymapper takes your location and plots a course for your next museum or art gallery.

  1. Transport App: TfL Oyster

Another transport app, the TfL Oyster is a great way of getting from A to B. The Oyster app (named after the London Transport Oyster Card) lets you navigate on the go via all of the very best and most efficient transport links. Top up your Oyster card as well with the apps in-built accounting system. By choosing a Transport for London Oyster app you can also avoid queues. And in London that is sometimes a must!

  1. Transport App: Santander Cycles

The Santander Cycles app allows you to choose one of the thousands of bikes from stands dotted around the city and ride. A code is sent to you via the app once you have registered. You use this code to unlock one of the Santander bikes and hey presto away you go. Don’t forget as well that this app allows you some degree of navigation too, so before you plan your route make sure you visit the app for some guidance.

  1. Food and Drink App: London Coffee Network

We all love food and drink. The London Coffee Network app allows you to find an independent coffee outlet near one of the many central London hotels. It will help you to navigate from your location to the nearest coffeehouse with ease. Just plug in your location and you will be given a choice of coffee houses around the place to where you can head. The app also enables you to store your coffee visits so when you arrive at a coffee house you will be rewarded with points that you can use on your next visit.

  1. Food and Drink App: TripAdvisor

Another food and drink app is the one provided by TripAdvisor. If you’re looking for somewhere to eat or drink in the area nearest to you then visit the app and you will be given a whole list of places to go as well as finding out what the rating of each is.

If you’re looking for Asian, French or Italian cuisine, a Montcalm afternoon tea or a place to settle in with some pink gin, then try the TripAdvisor app and let it work its magic.

  1. Food and Drink App: Smith Finder

Smith Finder is a food and drinks app that specialises in independent beer outlets. In fact, it is the only app which tells you where in London you will find beers brewed in Yorkshire. Yorkshire ale is well worth trying so if you find yourself with a spare afternoon and you aren’t ready to call it a day then head for Smith Finder app and select your location. You will be given in a matter of seconds all of the pubs around you that serve the good stuff.

  1. Food and Drink App: Great Little Place

Our last food and drink app is called Great Little Place. If you want to avoid the restaurant chains and are looking for something a little more unique then this app is a must-have. Great Little Place app says exactly what it does: It tells you based on your location where unique, innovative and hidden-away eateries are and what they have on offer, their pricing and more. You will also be able to find some exceptional independent bars around London away from the crowds.

  1. Event App: TimeOut London

If you’re looking for an event or something to go to see then try TimeOut app. TimeOut tells you just about everything there is to know about the music and culture scenes in London. Type in your location and away you go; search by date and location to find out specifics about your event. If you’re looking for a music festival, a wine tasting event or a book bonanza then TimeOut is the app to visit. TimeOut also offers a hard copy magazine at various outlets with the same information within (just in case you run out of battery).

In Summary

With these apps, you don’t need to carry maps or magazines. At the click of a button, you can discover a world of possibilities within easy walking distance of one of our Montcalm hotels. Whether you are looking for food, entertainment or a museum, one of these apps will see you right.