Shakespeare in London


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Shakespeare, where art thou Shakespeare? Unfortunately, the famous writer himself died over 400 years ago but there are places you can go to walk in his footsteps. London is home to a number of attractions that celebrate one of the greatest penmen of all time.

Enjoy an exciting weekend at our luxury hotels in London and take a journey into history as you hunt down Shakespearean hotspots. From the iconic writer’s favourite pubs to famous theatres and venues, visitors to The Montcalm London Marble Arch will be right around the corner from these historic attractions.

Globe Theatre

New Globe Walk, London

No list of Shakespearean locations would be complete without mentioning the famous Globe Theatre. This iconic venue has hosted some of the greatest performances in the history of British theatre. The current venue is a replica of the original which was built back in 1599 by William Shakespeare’s theatre company as a beacon of creativity in the world of theatrical performance. The circular stage was the launch pad for a number of Shakespeare’s finest works and has since hosted some of the greatest performers in the world. The Globe Theatre is a must-see for anyone staying at our luxury hotels in London.

 Helen’s Church

St Helen’s Church

Bishopsgate, London

Under the shadow of the mighty Gherkin building, you will find the gorgeously gothic St Helen’s Church. A stroll around the peaceful grounds is a great way to spend an afternoon and if you look closely at the church you’ll notice something peculiar. The beautiful stained glass windows feature a tribute to the Bard of Avon. This was the local parish of Shakespeare in the 1590s and records show that during that time he often failed to pay taxes. After his subsequent success, tax payment became less of an issue and the church created the stained glass tribute in commemoration.

Shakespeare statues

Shakespeare statues

Leicester Square, London

There are a number of plaques, memorials and statues scattered around London in celebration of Shakespeare but this iconic stone depiction in Leicester Square is a must-see if you only have a short time in London. Designed and created by sculptor Giovanni Fontana, the statue has been the centrepiece of the Leicester Square Gardens since 1874.  Shakespeare enthusiasts will be excited to discover the quote inscribed on the scroll held by the statue, which is a line from Twelfth Night. Be sure to grab your camera and head over to Leicester Square to snap a timeless picture of your Shakespearean tour.

Garrick’s Temple to Shakespeare

Hampton Court Road, London

In 1756 the famous actor David Garrick commissioned the erection of a building along the north side of the River Thames. The structure was designed as a shrine to Shakespeare. David Garrick was well renowned for his work at the time and became a student of Shakespeare’s work, devoting much of his career to bringing the Bard’s characters to life. Take a stroll alongside the Thames and discover the shrine at the heart of Garrick’s Lawn, a public garden full of natural beauty and scenic wonder.